How to make a $2 boxwood wreath

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If you  think that craft night exists solely to ensure I make things that I pin on Pinterest, you would be correct.

This month, we tackled boxwood wreaths. And it may be my favorite craft night project to date. That’s a lie, I love them all.

But I really love boxwood wreaths and have wanted one (or ten) in my house for ages. But the prices keep me away. I mean, $94.95? ON SALE? I love you, you pretty little thing, but I don’t bathe in gold coins.

So, when I spotted this tutorial to make your own boxwood wreath from Liz Marie Blog on Pinterest, I immediately shared it with our craft night group. And I shamelessly asked if anyone had a boxwood shrub we could brutalize.

Luckily, Nici did. And lucky for us, Nici invited us all over that same week to get our wreath on.

This boxwood wreath is so stinkin’ easy that I plan to make fifteen more for Christmas decorating. (I dream big, people.)

DIY boxwood

It all starts with a simple grapevine wreath. I didn’t want to spend $10 on one at the craft store, so I ended up picking up this stunner at Goodwill on half-price day. I consider it an act of charity to beautify this little wreath. I ended up paying just shy of $2 for her.

DIY Boxwood Wreath01

After cutting off the ugly, I was left with a normal grapevine wreath. Then, it was time to cut branches from the boxwood shrub. Nici immediately busted her scissors. I can’t make this up. The shame.DIY Boxwood Wreath02


Luckily for all of us, we were sent a bunch of pairs of X-ACTO® Multi-Material Scissors from X-ACTO - they are long-lasting scissors made with stainless steel blades. And they do not mess around. We were able to cut all the boxwood we needed with these puppies. New favorite scissors.

And the new scissors led to my favorite photo of the evening. I’m sure X-ACTO will be asking to use this in its advertising campaign. Disclosure: No ponytails were harmed in the making of this boxwood wreath.

xacto scissors


Moving on. To make the wreath, just begin sticking the boxwood leaves into your grapevine wreath, working your way around and filling the front. The tutorial called for hot glue, but we didn’t need it. Which is awesome because it will make it really easy to refresh or change it up, if needed.
DIY Boxwood Wreath03


In case you are wondering, this is what Nici’s boxwood looked like. It really wanted a haircut anyhow. I considered this project a public service.
DIY Boxwood Wreath04


After working our way around the wreaths, we cut off the long branches and filled in the holes with smaller clippings. Then, we added a simple burlap bow (I bought the burlap wired ribbon from Save-On-Crafts. It’s really awesome stuff.) I also made bows for everyone else, because I’m awesome like that.

DIY Boxwood Wreath05


And here’s the final product on my door.

DIY Boxwood Wreath07



I really have no idea how long this will last. I have been told that it could last years. And that I could mist it to keep it longer. Regardless, it took about 10 minutes to make, so I figure it’s a win regardless.DIY Boxwood Wreath08



I decided to bring it inside in the end. I wanted to enjoy it, since we rarely use the front door. DIY Boxwood Wreath09


DIY Boxwood Wreath10

DIY Boxwood Wreath11


That’s the scoop on my $2 boxwood wreath DIY.


Long live the craft night!

If you like this, check out Shannon’s DIY boxwood wreaths from year’s Dare to DIY party.

Other craft night projects – Valentine’s Day wreaths, DIY necklaces, Doily clay tray and Canvas artwork. We’ve also done pottery on a wheel and embroidered tea towels, but I haven’t blogged those for some reason.



  1. We have tons of boxwoods in our backyard. So going to do this for Christmas wreaths for our kitchen :) Thanks Kim! xo Kristin

  2. The boxwoods in my front yard are no longer safe. Very cute!

  3. Yay for craft night! And super easy crafts that don’t make any of us cry.

  4. SUPER cute. Love them a lot! And you girls are so silly!

  5. holy moly! i’ve got to find a boxwood tree to try this!!!

  6. love it. i also love that you were the official bow maker. glad you werent the pony-tail chopper though!

  7. Fun!!! I totally want to make one now!! And I so want to come to your craft night… sigh…. ;)

  8. Love it! Now if only we had a boxwood plant nearby…

  9. Love them! I have five large boxwoods that are in desperate need of a good haircut. I might have to bump that up on my to-do list. Thanks for sharing.

  10. No way! I’m definitely getting a grapevine wreath! My boxwoods are overdue for a haircut…

  11. We have boxwoods in the front yard (they look terrible and aren’t growing well). Perfect excuse for me to hack them up! Yay!

  12. Adorable. Now I want a boxwood plant in my yard so I can cut it up.
    I love it on the side of the fireplace!

  13. Pinning….love it! Christine from Little BRags

  14. Now I just need a boxwood…. Lovely idea!

  15. Very nice. I love them too. There is a way to preserve those branches so they will last. If you don’t preserve them they will eventually dry out, like you said, and turn yellow. Google -how to preserve boxwood.

  16. Just made my boxwood wreath from our own garden cuttings. My husband says it’s better than anything we could have bought!

  17. How did you attach the boxwood to the wreath?
    Karen recently posted…Shutterfly Sale: Up to 40% Off Photo Books, Calendars, and CardsMy Profile

  18. Since I don’t live in the south, I believe it’s about pruning season up here. How long should I make the clippings? (I also find it a shame you didn’t post the “after” pic of the generous boxwood!)

    • I’m in the “north,” too. And I sort of prune whenever I want. ;) I totally should have posted an after, but it was dark.

      I probably cut branches around 6 inches long. But it was trial and error to get the right size to stick in the wreath form.

      Good luck!
      Kim Woodward recently posted…Arizona with a toddlerMy Profile


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