Tips to make a bridal shower DIY towel cake

One of my favorite bridal shower gifts to make and give is a towel cake. It makes great decor for a shower, plus it also packs a big punch as a practical gift for the bride-to-be. You may have spotted my most recent towel cake creation in the bridal shower post last week.Kitchen bridal shower decor ideas04

Here’s a close-up. To make, check out the bridal registry for bath or kitchen towels. The cake below included: 6 of one type of dish towel, 4 of another type of dish towel, 6 wash cloths, 2 oven mitts, and a KitchenAid accessories set with all of the utensils, measuring cups, etc. All were on the wedding registry, and the red just happened to be perfect for the shower color scheme.DIY bridal shower dish towel cake2


For each tier, begin with an empty toilet paper roll. (Am I the only person who hoards these “just in case I need them?” Yes. Okay, then.)

Then, simply roll the towels around the toilet paper roll. (This one used 6 dish towels for the bottom, 4 for the middle and 6 wash cloths for the top.) Once all the towels are rolled, use straight pins (in a coordinating color) to keep the roll together. To put the tiers on top of one another, use skewer sticks. Then, add an oven mitt for a cake topper . You can also hold this up with a skewer stick — which I adorned using this shape in heat transfer from my Silhouette.

DIY bridal shower dish towel cake1


To display, simply use a cookie sheet as the base. I stuck a few of the accessories into the cake and into the extra oven mitt. Then, I wrapped the middle tier with a custom monogram I made in my vinyl on my Silhouette.

This decorative touch to a bridal shower is a gift that keeps on giving.

What’s your favorite bridal shower give to give or receive?


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    What a fabulous idea. And nope… I am a fellow empty roll hoarder because you just never know when you might need one :) Love this towel cake. I am also a big fan of a diaper cake for baby showers. A useful gift that is actually going to be used :)

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