Dare to be thankful (A Thanksgiving crossword puzzle)

I’m so excited that Dare to DIY is finally here! Today, we’re linking up our projects at Primitive and Proper!!!

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This week is all about being thankful. And I have a LOT to be thankful for! Near the top of my list – my fabulous co-hosts for Dare to DIY! Take a sneak peek at each of our projects and click over to read more and share the love.

Dare to be Thankful

(Baby tutu via Maybe Matilda, Thankful tree with feathers and arrows via Primitive and Proper (TODAY’S HOSTESS), Thankful banner and Instagram display via Decor and the Dog, Thankful chalkboard crossword via NewlyWoodwards)


I was a little stumped on a project this year – in the past, I’ve made a gobble barnwood sign, GATHER letters,  thankful chalkboard chargers and the give thanks burlap banner and greeting cards.

Since we’re going to be out of town for Thanksgiving, I didn’t want to put something very complicated together just to take it down in a few days. I also didn’t want to spend any money.

Challenge. Accepted.

I thought maybe I could create something that would work for Thanksgiving and then convert into early Christmas decor.

Enter, the Thanksgiving chalkboard crossword puzzle.

Chalkboard crossword5

I love how this came out! I know I’ve seen crosswords on Pinterest, but my inspiration actually came from seeing a crossword book at the Dollar Tree. I thought it’d be fun to make one for Thanksgiving, and also hide some Christmas words in there so it can carry me into December.

I was concerned that it would look sloppy if I didn’t do it right. So, after I mocked up the words I wanted to include on notebook paper, I spent some time marking light chalk lines every two inches. I used this awesome Measure It! self-adhesive tape that I won in a giveaway at That’s My Letter. It’s awesome because it’s sticky AND repositional. So I was able to only use two lengths for this project. I have plenty leftover for the next project. (I was not asked to promote this, I just happened to win a pack and think it’s pretty slick.)

Chalkboard crossword1

It looks more tedious than it actually is. I just quickly marked the horizontal lines.

Chalkboard crossword2

Then I moved on to the vertical lines.
Chalkboard crossword3

Then I used CHALK MARKER to put on the letters (this is important if you want to remove the lines). I actually started with the actual words I wanted to make sure were included. Then I just filled in everything else.
Chalkboard crossword4

Once the letters were finished, I let the chalk markers dry and then I took a paper towel and lightly removed the lines. In orange chalk, I found the words and circled them.

I think this board will be making a reappearance with Christmas words soon. And I also added our names in there. Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to include all the names of your guests for a holiday party????Chalkboard crossword6

So many things to be thankful for this holiday season. My little chalkboard crossword is a good reminder – thankful, grateful, blessed, family, friend and TURKEY. 😉

Thanksgiving crossword chalkboard

Don’t forget to head over to Primitive and Proper to link up to the Dare to DIY Party like I did!


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    Love this, I didn’t get my act together for this week (unless cleaning my house counts? Yeah, didn’t think so…) but I”m planning on participating for the rest of the events. Love the crossword – I envy your patience!

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    日本・・・・・・・・言わなくても分かる空気。 チベット→ 巨龍の尾。  皇帝の足。


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