DIY Kraft name tags with the Silhouette

Do you want to take your party to “the next level?” Make SUPER EASY custom name tag shapes for your next party.

I ended up throwing these oven mitt name tags together for the kitchen bridal shower. It was a 15-minute project and people went nuts over them!

DIY Kraft paper theme nametags2

This is another quickie party post using your Silhouette. (I know, I’m getting Silhouette crazy over here.)

I used the adhesive Kraft paper from Silhouette (this was provided to me for free as part of the Silhouette Design Team). I simply cut an oven mitt pattern with a heart inside. I was able to fit 12 per page. I could have easily printed names on the Kraft paper before cutting, but I decided to let people write their own names with a Sharpie.

Easy, fun and theme-appropriate.

DIY Kraft paper theme nametags1

Sometimes, the easy and quick projects pack the biggest punch.


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