Pumpkin felt board for kids

This was another “Pinterest project” that I created for our Bring Your Own Pumpkin party. While I’m more excited about this than Henry is for the time being, several  of the other guest toddlers loved it and liked moving the faces around the board. I think Henry may like this type of activity better as he gets bigger. The felt sticks to each other pretty well, which means you don’t need Velcro or tape.

Felt pumpkin board1


The great thing about this project is that I spent less than $9 on felt and I still have tons leftover to make other projects that I care about more than Henry. (Kidding. He may evenutally like them.)

I already had the vintage chalkboard (found on Craigslist) and simply cut a piece of felt to fit one of the three panels. I attached it to the wood frame with Velcro dots. Then, I freehanded some shapes – pumpkins, ghosts and monsters – in felt. I made a variety of mouths, eyes and noses, too.

I spent a couple hours making the shapes while watching Tuesday night television (I love me some New Girl and The Mindy Project). It’s a pretty mindless and straightforward project. And once Halloween is over, the felt pieces are easy enough to store away until next year in a gallon size Ziploc bag.

For more Halloween felt board ideas, check out the inspiration at Mer Mag, A Lovely Lark, Crafts by Amanda and Dworianyn Love Nest.

What do you think?


  1. says

    Awesome- thanks for posting this!! I’m totally going to make one for B- maybe a general one, not holiday specific…I’m sure Henry will love it one day, and in the meantime you can play with it yourself! Ha!

  2. says

    I literally laughed out loud to “make other projects that I care about more than Henry.” Haha isn’t that the truth on basically everything we do for our kids at this age. It’s okay they will totally appreciate it later…or at least that’s what I tell myself.

  3. Heather B says

    I love this. I did a christmas tree one for Peyton and hope to do her a new one for this year. I need to remember to do this for all holidays or maybe just a general one.

    Great job

  4. says

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