Nursery tree trunk table

Several projects are coming together in baby’s room, so it may turn into nursery week here at NewlyWoodwards. Hope you don’t mind. If you do, come back next week.
One of Ryan’s projects has been this fun tree stump table for next to the rocker – perfect for a bottle, cell phone, glass of wine…. 😉 Let’s be honest. It will be perfect for a glass of wine. Who needs a bottle?
The stump was not actually in the original plan, but Ryan actually had this tree stump in the back yard with our firewood, and I saw the potential. (Thanks to Jenny at Anything Pretty for showing me how fabulous a tree stump can look.) The bark was actually already off the stump, but Ryan sanded the heck out of it and added casters.
Instead of staining, Ryan used Waterlox to better bring out the tones of the wood. (If you are with child, you won’t want to be around when this is taking place. Waterlox is some potent stuff. Ryan did all the coats in the garage, away from me and the little man.) After several coats, I was one happy girl. This puppy is smooth as butter. I love all the rings and even the cracks – that’s character. Perfect for a little man. Dare I say masculine?
I really dig the way the Waterlox brought out the true colors of the wood, while also making a bit of a stripe-y pattern on the side. The Waterlox also makes it watertight, meaning that I don’t have to worry about spills.
When Ryan saw how much similar trunk tables are selling for, he was pretty happy with our price. (We used things we already had, with the exception of a few bucks for the casters.) It rolls around easily and is a useful piece for the room.
Ryan had such a good time making this, and now he has a grand vision of making a bunch more and selling them. College fund, anyone?
What do you think?


  1. says

    I LOL’d at your intro paragraph. Baby haters, ha!

    OK, I suddenly really want a baby boy so I’d have an excuse to put this trunk table in his nursery. Baby W’s going to LOVE that his daddy put so much heart into this piece. Also, I showed Mr. FC & he’s wanting one for himself. Where do we submit our orders….

    Absolutely adore how the nursery’s coming along!!!!

  2. Nicole @My Thrafty Life says

    I love the table! I picture your little guy dressed as a tiny Paul Bunyan next to it for a photo shoot.

  3. the cape on the corner says

    whaddya mean the stump wasn’t in the plan? a stump should always be in the plan, lol. love it!

  4. Sarah @ { rad: renovations are dirty } says

    The stump turned out so well! I used Waterlox on my floors, and I’m really happy with it, too.

  5. says

    Oh what’s that? Ryan opened a mail order catalog company selling home-made awesomness? Sign me up please. This.looks.incredible. Seriously, it’s stunning. As usual, I want one. Make that happen por favor.

  6. says

    Nice! My mom has a co-worker who creates jewelry, and all the money from that goes to her son’s college fund. Making these would be a great little way to help give some extra money to set aside for college.

  7. Sugarr2518 says

    Love the idae of using it as a table:) Everything is coming together really well! I can’t wait to see what else you do.

  8. yeoldesandwichshoppeva says

    Way to go, Ryan! That thing looks amazing.

    Stephen has a trunk like this stored away for a rainy day. He keeps saying he’s going to do something cool with it… I have no idea what though. *rolls eyes*


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