Dare to … deck the halls! (Week 5/6 link-up)

Happy Dare to DIY day!

Dare to DIY Blog Party

Dare to … deck the halls!
Make something new to deck your halls. Did you find something in a catalog that you wish you had? Wreaths, stockings, pillows or advent calendars? Make it! Inspire us all to do the same.

First, I’ll share my project.

I knew that I had to go with an ornament this year because I already have boxes of holiday decor that I didn’t put up this year due to space and being busy. I have enough wreaths and pillows and advent calendars to decorate the White House. I am working on a Christmas quilt, but it’s still unfinished. And I didn’t want to make something to make something.

But, I knew that an ornament could easily be displayed on the tree and wouldn’t take up precious space in storage. And there have been so many cute ornaments floating around blogs and Pinterest that I was feeling inspired.

I went with a simple Scrabble ornament that was inspired by a bunch of ones I’ve seen on Pinterest. After gluing the letters on, I simply added a hook to hang it on the tree.

It was so simple, I also put a few more together for gift tag/ornaments.

This is extra simple, but that’s kind of the way of life in the Woodward household this Christmas.

Now, to the good part…

What did you DARE to come up with?
A couple of guidelines:
1. Please link to the specific post, not your general blog address.
2. Please stick to the topic for the week. I’ll be very flexible, but please try to stick to the weekly theme. I will remove posts that are basically just spamming. You are welcome to link to past posts that fit the theme.
3. Please visit at least one other blog below and comment! This will help us all meet each other. This is really the most important part of this party and what has made it extra unique and fun in the past.
4. Please link your post back up to NewlyWoodwards with text or this button within the post. Just pull the code from below.

Dare to DIY Blog Party

I’m really looking forward to see your deck the hall projects. I’ll share some of my favorites on Friday.

Did you dare?


  1. says

    I love this! I also love that you didn’t feel pressure to make something big (wreath, pillow etc…) for the blog that you didn’t actually need/want. I don’t know about you but sometimes blogging makes me feel like I constantly have to add, add, add when it just isn’t necessary. Love the ornament though!!

  2. says

    that’s so cute!! i think yours is waaaay better than some of the ones i’ve seen around. nice job! this makes me want to make more ornaments! (not that we need more!)

  3. Grace @ Sense and Simplicity says

    I’ve seen those scrabble decorations around blogland and think they are really cute. One day I just might make one too! Thanks for hosting the link party.

  4. says

    You’ll be happy to know that somehow I totally missed seeing these on Pinterest. And that I love it. I want to make one because 1) we’re scrabblers and 2) I want to be just like you.

  5. Erin @ His and Hers says

    I have so many Scrabble tiles and no current purpose for them…I love the idea of making a personalized ornament! Thanks for hosting, Kim! :)

  6. Casey says

    I love me some Scrabble! I made a name plate for my desk at work using Scrabble tiles that looks a lot like this ornament. Maybe I will add some ribbon and hang it up!

  7. yeoldesandwichshoppeva says

    It’s so cute! You did a really nice job! I always like Scrabble letter crafts, but I’ve always wondered… Do craft stores carry Scrabble letters or must one purchase thrift store Scrabble sets and pilfer those letters?


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