It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

You know I love my Christmas trees. Actually, I love all Christmas decorations.

My philosophy is more is more when it comes to Christmas. (I know that some of you minimalists are feeling sick to your stomach right now. Get a paper bag and read on.) I just throw everything I have out there and hope it sticks.

Not always the best way, but it works for me.

To keep the budget under control, I’ve tried to abstain from buying more Christmas decorations. I bought a few things after Christmas last year, I was handed down another tree to replace the broken tree from last year and lots of decor and I still have tons of decor from our Christmas wedding, which really stocked my Christmas pantry, so to speak.

So with that said, let’s get onto the Woodwards’ Christmas decorations this year. I’m going to post about this all at once. So this may be a long one.

First, how it looks while we are working.

And my three helpers – mom and the pugs.

My helpers are so great! Aren’t you jealous?

Living room
Because the tree from last year was destroyed by Franco, we had to change things around this year. We stuck with golds and I brought in the set of 3 alpine trees to tuck behind the chairs.

I found these awesome peacock feathers last year after Christmas at Dillards. I may have grabbed them right out of my mom’s hands and ran to the counter before someone else bought them. I also found these great twig ball lights last year at Big Lots. I used the burlap and gold and natural colors form last year for the trees.

Some other living room details:

Dining room
In the dining room, I stuck with the traditional red and added bright green as a more modern secondary color.

I’m especially pleased with the table this year. The candle holders and the tray are from my friend Leah’s At Home America store. I also included our Fiestaware dishes and the new Fiestaware silverware. (Okay, I lied. I bought a few things. Sue me.)
The stockings were hung here…
Oh yeah… and my village. Two houses… and our favorite hardware store. Seems fitting, huh? 😉
I added a few little touches in the kitchen – garland on top of the cabinets and a rug.
Remember my apron from last year? It’s become a cute little skirt to sit under the stock pot that holds the kitchen tree. Ryan was looking for the wooden spoons the other day and gave me a knowing look when he finally found them on the tree. The ornament was a lovely gift from a coworker.

My Crate and Barrel 12 Days of Christmas ornaments grace a large wreath.

Our traditional tree is at the landing on the second floor. Out of range of a certain dog who may be possessed by the devil.

It just sparkles. All of our meaningful ornaments are here. You can check some of them out here. We pick up an ornament on each trip we take and we also exchange them each Christmas.

My aunt also gave me a set of carousel horses that are included on this tree. They are animated  and play music and they look so darn cute on the tree. I couldn’t get a good photo, so you are just going to have to believe me.

Da Bears
While I should be hanging my head in shame at the Bears’ performance last weekend, I’ll still show you our Chicago Bears Christmas tree. I hung my ornaments on a Charlie Brown style tree, used an Urlacher jersey (that I found at Goodwill for $2 – strange, huh?) as the skirt and a Santa hat for the topper.

So… that’s our home for the holidays. If you made it this far… Hope you enjoyed it!

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Lots of inspiration out there. Go check it out.

What do you think?


  1. says

    I was definitely excited to see what you did this year! All those trees…absolutely amazing! I am still partial to the cute kitchen tree (so creative). I love the gold theme in the living room with the natural elements mixed in. Good work!!

  2. says

    Yep. You Win. You Win Christmas. Congratulations. It’s so so fun, I love it. And to add to the huge list of questions that is sure to be generated…I also want to know where those stockings are from. Hanging them on the fence is genius! I also am liking the W cookie ornament. Um, you know who else that would work for? Me. Where’s it from pal??

  3. says

    aww i love all of your trees! please help me convince my husband we need more than 1!!
    the table is amazing. loving the ornament look.

    i’m crossing my fingers there will be no pug-induced accidents this year :)

  4. says

    Oh my gosh! You do not exaggerate! How long does it take you to put it all up? We don’t have much storage space in our house which keeps holiday decor at a minimum. Your house looks so lovely (and cozy) all decked out!

  5. MV says

    I too have been waiting patiently for your Christmas decorations post! I love it all, well except for the Bears tree since I live in WI. 😉 Those stockings look so cozy and soft – where are they from?

  6. The Marconnets says

    Kim – I love your Christmas decor! You must tell me where you got that colorful ball garland on your kitchen tree. It is adorable! :-)

  7. Leah says

    where to start?

    first of all, the AHA stuff looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!! great great great!! thanks for the link, it makes me so very very happy. :)

    also, i think i am in LOVE with the stockings hanging by the fence. holy MOLY – that is super duper cute.

    I love how you have 50 trees in your house. :) they are all so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. says

    Thanks, guys! You are all so sweet.

    The stockings are from Target a few years ago.
    The “w” ornament was a gift, but it was from Hallmark.
    The ball garland on the kitchen tree was made with felted wool balls that I purchased on ebay. I just used embroider floss and a long needle.
    It took me a day to get the majority of it up. Then, another evening to finish up.

  9. says

    Every time you whip out those Fiestaware dishes the green eyed monster rears it’s ugly little head… If only Fiesta would release another cutesy, but not too Christmassy, set for the holidays.

    I LOVE the candle sticks on the dining room table and the Bears tree is adorable!

  10. says

    Wow Kim, your house looks Ah-mazing!! I don’t know how you have the time to do all this, and work, and renovate a house, etc! You must never sleep! I have those same stockings, but I love the added monograms! Did you make the “NOEL”, “LOVE” & “HOPE” banners? They are so neat. I like the “FALL” one you had too. You make my house seem very boring!

  11. says

    Now this is Christmas decorating. Love it, as always, Kim. I’d make a Broncos team if they didn’t keep breaking my heart (with personnel changes…couldn’t care less about the loss streak).

  12. says

    You are crazy. But good crazy! :) I love that you go all out every year. I think it gives me permission to slack off. I feel like you’re decorating for the two of us. So… thanks! :)
    Also… I totally dig the swagged poinsettia garland in your living room. I may have to add that to my other three Christmas decorations… 😉
    You would love Goodwill Outlet. SO many Christmas decorations all year round. At 59 cents/pound. Come visit! Bring an extra suitcase!

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