It’s a wrap – reusable sandwich wraps by Betz White

Another project I made from Sewing Green by Betz White (in addition to yesterday’s lunch sack) was a reusable sandwich wrap. While I own the book (and you should, too), I also found that this pattern is posted online by the author. It’s on CraftStylish.

Photo from CraftStylish
You might remember that I made Ryan some reusable wraps and bags for Christmas. When Ryan brought the wrap to work, a coworker loved it and wanted one himself. So, I decided to make him one with the ridiculous excess Bears fabric I had from the projects. (I always seem to overbuy.)
I liked the look of Sewing Green’s wraps, so I tried out the pattern. It was super simple and I think it wraps up better than the square wrap that I originally made for Ryan. (I also made a new one for Ryan while I was at it and figure he could give his to another coworker.)
I didn’t attach the sides the same way as in the book, but I like it my way better for the fabric I had. Also, the pattern only calls for one layer of PUL, but I used PUL on the inside and Bears fabric on the outside. The PUL makes it wipeable. The Bears fabric ensured that the wraps were sufficiently manly. 

Very important.
They turned out well and are husband and coworker approved. In fact, the wife of Ryan’s coworker told me that he keeps wrapping and unwrapping it for her and telling her how cool it is. Go me. 
I’m particularly happy about this development because she constantly makes cupcakes for him to take to work, making all of the the other wives look bad (although only I seem to care). So, booyah! I told her that my Chicago Bears sandwich wrap is dominating her cupcakes.
Not that I’m competitive about such things.
Not me. No siree.


  1. says

    cute!! It’s like a PB & J Diaper! I need to make one of these for the hub since I’m tired of buying sandwich bags. Off to figure out how to do a no-sew version!

  2. Mom says

    OMG………..this is incredibly hilarious. You? Competitive? Not unless you feel threatened! Did you just make these and send to work for him to find on his own or did he know you made them? This is ‘da bomb!

  3. says

    I love your wraps (and I love the commenter who called it a PB&J Diaper!).

    One suggestion I might give… in the last photo, the wrap looks sorta “puffy” which is just from how the seam of the PUL to Bears fabric is sitting. If it were me, I’d topstitch all the way around and I think it might give it a “flatter” look, more smooth and finished.
    Just my 2 cents. You can take it or leave it :)

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