Holiday home tour: nature, burlap and a DIY tree skirt

(Note: Read to the bottom to find out about the demise of this Christmas tree.)

I wanted something a little different for our living room tree this year, so I decided to go with natural colors. I decided to use the white tree with browns and tans a’la The Nester.

Since I’m not buying any Christmas decor, I used what I have. Here’s the tree.

First, I added lights and a lot of pine cones that I still have from the wedding. Then, I added a dried floral  arrangement that my mom made. Then, I added any ornaments* that I had that were in the brown family (browns, tans, golds). I had more than I remembered. I even picked up that lovely tree topper* from JCPenney last year in January for $1.00.

Then I remembered – burlap is brown. And, I have a lot of burlap (I’m hooked to burlap and I blame Emily for addicting me.)

So, I draped a lot of burlap around and I made these burlap banners – Hope, Peace, Love, Joy.

Burlap Ornaments
I used burlap to make some “ornaments” for the tree. All were quick and easy.

Top left is just a square of burlap tied around a silver ornament (that I had).  The others are just burlap put into hoops. I added vinyl letters that I’ve been saving forever for a little pizazz.

The tree skirt
Thanks to Whitney at Shanty 2 Chic, I had a great idea for a tree skirt. As soon as I saw her post, I had to make a tree skirt out of a drop cloth! Genius. Thanks, Whitney. Instead of buying a full-size drop cloth, I spotted a 5×5 foot one for only $4. Score!

I brought it home, cut it based on another tree skirt I had, and thirty minutes later, I had this.

I’m happy with how it turned out. The pleats are not quite as neat as I’d like, but I’m happy with it overall. Especially for a beginner sewer.

What do you think?

Next up in the holiday home tour…. dining room hutches and table and the kitchen.

Title: How this Christmas tree was destroyed in less than 2 seconds by a raging pug
I had this post about our beautiful living room tree all set up for this morning on Sunday night. (I like to schedule posts through the week. Don’t act surprised. I have a day job.)

Then, at 8 p.m. on Sunday night, all hell broke lose. Franco jumped on the tree. The tree fell over. The base snapped. The trunk snapped. All the beautiful glass ornaments went crashing to the ground, including the glass tree topper (sob!). Shattered glass everywhere. Pinecones flying across the room. 

I lost a good deal of our glass ornaments (sob!) and the tree was a goner (sob!) and I had a breakdown of sorts (sob!).

But, what can you do? (I can say that now, when I’m more level-headed.) I don’t want to buy a new tree right now and I have no time to decorate it anyhow. So, the surviving decor was put into the basement. At least I have the pictures of the decorated tree. And, burlap doesn’t break. Burlap – 1, Glass ornaments – 0.



  1. Mom says

    Oh Kimmy… WAS absolutely goregous. I’m so glad you were able to take some pictures before my grand-dog destroyed it. Great ideas and it looks simply beautiful. Once again, I’m so proud of you!

  2. says

    :( that really sucks, sorry! and sorry, but i had to laugh a little at “raging pug” … yes, at least you got some good pictures first! i love the idea of a tree with uniform colors and a theme of sorts. the whites and browns looked great together

  3. says

    I am so sorry, and I totally relate! I keep catching the cat trying to climb our tree. We’re having to lock her in the bathroom when we’re gone because I am sure she would knock over the tree if left unattended all day!

  4. says

    WOW…what a beautiful tree…love the burlap ornaments and “JOY” garland…soooo PRETTY! Sorry that your dog got to it:( Merry Christmas!


  5. says

    Sweet Mary Mother in Heaven!! :-S I can imagine you were devastated! Thank goodness no one or no pug was harmed in the destruction of the beautiful white tree!! It was gorgeous.

  6. says

    Oh no! That has to be a horrible feeling. We thought we’d have the same situation this year with our cat since it’s the first year with a real tree, but surprisingly he has no interest in it. He sits under the fake one though.

    I LOVE the burlap ornaments with words in the middle. So cute.

  7. says

    I am so sorry that your tree is destroyed! What a bummer!!! Bad dog, bad dog!! I am glad that you are recovering.
    I feel like I should send you some shatter proof ornaments!

  8. says

    Where to begin ? First of all, I am so in love with your white tree. I was so close to going with a flocked white tree this year so I’m definitely already planning for next. I.LOVE.YOUR.WHITE.TREE. Second, OMG your hand embroidered ornaments make me swoon. Seriously. Yes, you are addicted now. And I love it – keep it coming !!! Third, your story about your tree (I’m sorry) just made me laugh out loud in an “OH NO” kind of way. You crack me up. So glad you kept it all in perspective after a sniffle. :-) And yes, you DID get the photos, so I’m just overwhelmed by the beauty of it !!!

  9. says

    Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry about your beautiful tree. I have to tell you though, that I am IN LOVE with your little burlap embroidery hoop ornaments. In love like, “I think I need to run to the store right now and buy some”, in love.

    It’s probably not much consellation, but you definitely inspired me. 😉


  10. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about your tree! At least you have these beautiful pictures to remember it by…

    Have you thought about getting a 3 foot tree and setting it on a table covered with the burlap then using the remaining ornaments to decorate it?

  11. says

    It’s beautiful!! Hands down my favorite tree in the blogosphere by far! You had me at burlap. And neutrals. And “used what I had”.

    I am so glad that you got pics of the tree b/f the Wrath of Franco ensued. Little bastard!

  12. says

    The tree looked gorgeous and I think you did a terrific job at taking unconventional material in turning it into beautiful decorations. I have the same fear with my kitty in his younger days that he would jump on the tree and hurt himself. You are lucky Franco was ok and unscathed through the whole thing. The most important thing is that he is ok.

  13. says

    Umm, I hate it that your tree and your ornaments were destroyed- hate it!
    However, I LOVE your burlap ornaments- I need some of those. And I share your affection for the shanty2chic ruffled drop cloth tree skirt- genius.

  14. says

    Umm, I hate it that your tree and your ornaments were destroyed- hate it!
    However, I LOVE your burlap ornaments- I need some of those. And I share your affection for the shanty2chic ruffled drop cloth tree skirt- genius.

  15. says

    Umm, I hate it that your tree and your ornaments were destroyed- hate it!
    However, I LOVE your burlap ornaments- I need some of those. And I share your affection for the shanty2chic ruffled drop cloth tree skirt- genius.

  16. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about your tree! That makes me so sad :(
    We put our little tree on a table this year since Bella is only 9months and she would destroy it in a minute.
    I feel your pain though since I’ve had cats who have done a number on some of our trees growing up.

  17. says

    Gotta love animals. I have a cat that seems to LOVE climbing our tree. She breaks an ornament a day. I get so mad! So I understand your frustration. In a way it is heart breaking and in another way, it’s hard to stay mad at them.

    I also have a white tree! They are fun to decorate and you did a great job!!

  18. says

    how sad kim!!! thank goodness, murphy hasn’t seemed to be the least bit interested in our tree.

    the tree WAS beautiful and you did a wonderful job working with what you had. those are usually the best projects, aren’t they?

    p.s. i bought that EXACT tree topper at penny’s last year for $1 too! once i got home and took it out of its box there was some kind of oil all over it and it smelled WEIRD. even though it was only $1, i returned it. haha

  19. says

    Your tree skirt looks awesome!! So sorry about the incident with the doggie. Good thing he’s cute, huh?

    Sounds like a good excuse to shop for new ornaments or a tree topper at after Christmas sales :)

  20. says

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