By my apron strings

A few weeks ago, I showed you this fabulous apron from BH&G. I wanted to make one. Someday.

Then, Kate commented that we could make them together. Umm…. really? Kate wants to make an apron with me?

Have you met Kate from Centsational Girl?
If you have, you know that she is a pretty talented little lady. So, when she says she wants to make an apron with you, you do it. You don’t ask questions, you don’t wonder if you should be making anything when you’ve never used a pattern or sewn a straight line. You just make.the.apron.
You drop everything, quit your day job, lock yourself in your office and stop eating or sleeping in order to get it done.
Psych! I kept my job and left our home office a few times to eat and sleep. It would have made a good story if I dropped everything, right?
Of course, it would have been a million times better if I could have actually gone to her house to make the apron. Have you seen her home? Awesome. But… I don’t think that was part of the deal. I wonder what she would have done if I would have showed up at her perfectly decorated front stoop with my overnight bag on one shoulder and my sewing machine in my arms?
Where was I? Oh yes…. so after getting excited about making something with a blog buddy, I got going on the apron. Stat. I was going to make the best dang apron this world has ever seen.
I ended up changing my mind and going with the Pretty Paisley Apron from BH&G.

Lovely, doncha think?

So, I meandered into the local fabric store to pick up the supplies. Here are the fabrics I picked. I decided a Christmas apron would be cute.
I printed out the pattern from BH&G. It took me a while to figure it out. I realized that you were supposed to fold the fabric to double the pattern. (Duh.) That made it make more sense.

There was lots of measuring and cutting,

I ended up not making the pocket. The binding and ruffle took it out of me. All-in-all, it turned out pretty cute.
(Forgive the headless horseman look. Couldn’t get a flattering shot… and I was tired…and it’s my blog. =))
However, I’m seriously considering using it as a tree skirt. It’s not nearly as cute when the model isn’t a size 2 like at BH&G. =)
Regardless of how it’s used, I think I can call my first soiree with a pattern a success. Bring on McCall’s.
Go over to Centsational Girl to check out her take on the apron – very chic. And tell her I sent ya. =)
Thanks to Kate for pulling a dual feature. It was fun!
Is anyone interested in doing a DIY project together and living to blog about it?


  1. says

    Hello darling ! I so (sew) wish I could have pulled off a “no sew” apron but alas it was too tricky for little ol’ me. So I brought out Mr. Singer and voila, an apron was born. Thanks for the inspiration and the kick in the pants to get me going.

    I simply adore your version. Now I want to make a Christmas version.

    And I would have welcomed you and your sewing machine on my front porch. Anytime darling, anytime !


  2. says

    There are so many blogger’s houses I’d love to just show up at with my sleeping bag in hand. But they kinda don’t know I exist, so that would be wierd :)

    You did an awesome job though, it looks perfect to me!

    And I would totally be into going DIY on something…sometimes I get lazy and unmotivated so having a partner would totally help.

  3. says

    Great job on the aprons!! I would love to do a DIY project with you. I can’t think of one off the top of my head but if you have something in mind then I’m up for the blogging adventure anytime.

  4. says

    Just the thing to get in the holiday spirit. Like I said on Kate’s blog, this is on my list of winter to-do projects. Along with an ironing cover, and scrapbooking, and painting the kitchen cabinets… can you tell winter’s really long here? 😉

  5. says

    Hi there! I’m stopping by from Kate’s blog and I love your Christmas version of the apron. Now I can’t decided whose style I want to try first. They’d both make lovely Christmas gifts that I’d want to keep for myself.

    So glad I found your blog. (I love your goals on your sidebar, by the way). I’ll be back! :)

  6. says

    Love the apron…I came over from Kate’s blog.

    I laughed at your last post, as my husband and I are always having the great “to paint wood/to not paint wood” debate. Then I laughed even more at the post before that about the smoker. I think our husbands would be great friends.

  7. says

    What a cute idea. This is the first time I have looked at your blog. I am a big fan of Centsational Girl so that is how I found it. You have some great ideas and some CUTE DIY. I am always up to a DIY project. I have a lot of projects I want to do in my house! Did you ever try to make that Christmas quilt, it was so cute!

  8. keslerexpressler says

    Kim, your apron is adorable! Awesome job!

    Last Christmas I tried making an apron, but thought I could do it without a pattern. Epic fail!

    You should check out Amy Karol’s “Bend-the-Rules Sewing”. She makes it so easy to get the hang of some of this sewing stuff.

  9. Sandy says

    I clicked over from Kate’s blog (I adore her too) and I love your apron! Great job! Now I want to make an apron too LOL!

  10. says

    You done got even more famous on us!! If you ever think I’m worthy enough to visit, I promise to make it worth your while. I’m growing a hedge around my house as we speak (to hide you from the paparazzi, of course).

    The ruffly edge is my favorite–your skills put us all to shame, K!

  11. says

    Oooh.. I am so up for a DIY project with you!!! I am very new to sewing so we need to do an easier project while I am still getting the hang of it!

    Congrats on that apron! It is so cute!

  12. says

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