I did … August 2014

August goals 2014

August was a great month. I feel like I actually accomplished a lot and checked off a lot of big ugly things. Our house is on the market. And it’s actually staying clean because of showings. This hasn’t been fun, but it’s sort of nice to have a clean house. We did better this month […]

A clean house for sale with the Swiffer Effect

Moline 1124 House3

I’m not good at selling a house. There are a lot of reasons, but suffice to say that most issues revolve around cleaning this darn house. It’s only been a month. I know that it’s not personal. But I just wanted the first person who came through to fall in love and make us a full-asking-price offer. […]

The perfect wardrobe for the barn

My biggest concern about living in a 320-square-foot barn? One word. Storage. I’ve been spending months thinking and planning the best ways to get everything we actually use and need into 320-square-feet. Because while it’s not permanent, it is going to be over a year of our lives. And we can’t live out of a […]

Hello sunshine onesie

Hello sunshine onesie1

Stopping in today with another onesie gift idea.     (hello sunshine shape)   I made this onesie for a friend in Texas expecting her first little one. It was simple using flocked heat transfer material on a red onesie from American Apparel. My favorite part about making shirts is that you can create something that is […]

A train briefcase for toddlers (and the Thomas Experience)

Personalized railroad briefcase2

  News flash: My kid is a train addict. The boy goes nowhere without a train (or ten). So when my blog friend and fellow Silhouette Design Teamer Analisa at Parental Perspective made this rad travel train case, I pinned away. I knew it would be the perfect way to travel with all those wooden […]

A full-size fridge for our barn

barn fridge full size3

Okay, this whole week has pretty much been barn updates. I could have put them all together. But that would have gotten long and it would have felt even more scattered than usual. Plus, it’s fun to share a new update every day. Right? Right? AM.I.RIGHT? Okay then … We have a fridge. When we planned […]