Customized girlie onesies

personalized girl onesies silhouette1

I know you have probably been worried – it’s been AGES since I’ve shared a customized onesie. Have no fear! I’m back with two cute new onesies for the littlest girl in your lives. I created these two cute onesies for my friend Mary and her sweet new daughter. The first is just too cute […]

A basement is born

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.37.02 PM

Well, it was time for an update on our basement – in short, it’s looking great and coming right along since the last update. Look, ma! Walls! Shortly after the last post, our contractors came out and started setting the walls. It’s been pretty fun to watch the crews and see the process. It’s a […]

A vintage train birthday party

Henry birthday party 201539

My baby boy turned three on Memorial Day and to keep all the *feelings* at bay, I went overboard for the birthday party.   *Cough* Again *Cough* I just can’t help myself. The more I crafted, the less time I had to think about how fast time is flying by. So I could keep the sentimentality […]

An easy carriage door garage update

Garage carriage door details3

The barn is looking so cute, you guys. I’m just in love with this place. In the past few weeks, Ryan and I have been working on some final details we’ve put off – before the house building gears up and all other projects go out the windows. I’ve already shared some of those projects – […]

Making a wall planter from junk

upcycled wall planters7

I just can’t stop planting flowers. It’s a sickness. A beautiful and fun addiction. My latest project are these upcycled vintage bins that I turned into wall planters. (We think these were probably scoops from the conveyer on a grain elevator.) I picked them up at a local antique/junk store for $20 and they fit perfectly between the […]

Changing the front look of the house

Farm Plan House2

Okay, so the last you saw the house mockup, it looked something like this. But the more I thought about it, the more I worried about the front of the house. I was afraid that I would have some pretty serious regrets with the design as-is, despite it being exactly what I wanted and asked […]