1. I’m so glad you love your scarf! I keep using it for decor purposes, and then when I’m heading out the door I’ll grab it to throw on. It’s so multi functional! lol Also, I started making an actual list out last year and I felt kind of bratty about it at first, but then I thought hey-better to give Justin-I mean Santa an idea rather than him trying to read my mind. :p Oh and I want the Silhouette so bad.

    • I totally meant to mention in the post that you shared this scarf deal with me. I just edited.

      I typically make a list, too. It’s easier than being disappointed when you don’t get what you want. 😉

  2. Great list! Let’s just talk Kate Morton for a second. I love her books and The Secret Keeper was fantastic! Have you read The House at Riverton? I want her latest book The Lake House, it came out this October. I think I might buy it for myself for Christmas!

    • I haven’t read her others, but they are all on my list. I have a wish list to my library’s e-book system and I just read them as they come available. I think I’m next in line for The Lake House.

  3. Yeeesssssss to The Secret Keeper. So so good. And I love the monogram necklace! I love that it’s not too huge. I’ve seen some that are BIG that I haven’t liked as much, but that one looks perfect.

  4. I’ve been eyeing those Ugg slippers for a couple years. I’ve been wearing my Ugg boots as slippers for a few years but sometimes they get a little toasty so those slippers might make their way onto my list this year.

  5. Wow I love your list and I will be checking for the Silhouette Portrait, on black Friday or Cyber Monday. Glad you commented on the book cover lol I would have passed on it too, I love a good read and am going to put it in my stocking.

  6. Oh wow, Kim! You’ve put together such an awesome list. Five items are going straight to my wish list! I’ll be checking the deals for the Silhouette for sure. Thanks!

  7. I love scarves but always have difficulty knowing how to wear them would love to see someone discuss this topic with pictures for those of us with interest but novice skills.

  8. Hi! I loved your list–I’ve had Kate Morton books on my to be read list, but I haven’t picked it up yet. You mentioned that you have read over 60 books this year…I couldn’t find a post listing them. I would love to hear your favorites! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! -Leslie

    • I couldn’t believe it when I added them up. It’s definitely the most I’ve read in a year. And while I’ve been busy, I’ve just prioritized it over things like cleaning and laundry. 😉 Ha.

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