Think beyond the guest book: a DIY signature platter and recipe box

So, guest books are fine. But, you know, EVERYBODY does guestbooks. And I’ll tell you what – I never ever look at the guestbook from our wedding or showers. So I set out to come up with some fun DIY guestbook alternatives.

And I think I found them. Dum. Dum. Dum.

You may have noticed these two little beauties in the bridal shower post yesterday. They were fun little additions that could take the place of a guest book. And both are quick and easy DIY projects.

DIY signature platter3



First, the platter. Ryan and I actually had a signature platter at our rehearsal dinner and it’s still displayed in our hutch to see every day. I thought it would be a fun addition to a kitchen shower, but I knew I wanted to try it myself. It’s not perfect, but for less than $2, I think it’s a win.

First, my mom found the dish – it’s a Mikasa brand. (Check out secondhand stores and the Dollar Tree for great, inexpensive options. There are also great larger platters at Target for under $10.)

I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut a simple design – Served with Love on contact paper. (I would have preferred to use stencil vinyl, but I was out.)DIY signature platter shower guest book alternative1

Using transfer tape, I applied the design to the plate.DIY signature platter shower guest book alternative2Then, we brought out oi- based Sharpies. Apparently, the oil-based is important for the design to stay put over time.DIY signature platter shower guest book alternative3

I simply traced the design with the Sharpies.

DIY signature platter shower guest book alternative4

When I gently pulled off the contact paper, I had some seepage. (Again, I think that stencil vinyl would have been much better.)DIY signature platter shower guest book alternative5
So, I just used my Sharpie and freehanded the edges to get everything clean and crisp. If you mess up, you should be able to scrape it off with your fingernail. (Don’t ask me how I know that.) Voila.DIY signature platter shower guest book alternative6

At the shower, I set it out with a marker for everyone to sign.DIY signature platter1

The finished product – I love it! And I love the sentiment that every meal is truly served with love. (To set, the bride will need to bake the plate at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.)DIY signature platter2

The other DIY guest book alternative is a customized recipe box. I tucked a recipe card into each invitation with instructions to bring to the shower. (I purchased the recipe cards and enclosures from Sunny Side Print Party on Etsy.) When guests arrived, they could file their card in the pretty new box for the bride-to-be.

Kitchen bridal shower DIY recipe card box2

I picked up the wood box at Target and added a monogram with white vinyl. Then, I created simple dividers out of Kraft paper and hand-wrote the types of recipes.Kitchen bridal shower DIY recipe card box3

I also printed and added a baking conversions printable from The Cake Blog, because I figure that’s always handy to have. I love the wood tones of the box and plexi top. It’s pretty enough to leave on the counter all the time.

Kitchen bridal shower DIY recipe card box1


I hope that these guestbook alternatives don’t gather dust. The beauty is that you can use them (almost) every day.


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  1. says

    Such great ideas. We blew up one of our engagement photos and framed it, and had wedding guests sign the mat at our reception. It’s still hanging in our bedroom, and I love seeing it every day! I love the platter idea–so cute, and such a fun way to remember the day and all her friends who were there with her.

    • says

      We did the same thing. (Dare I say that great minds think alike?) We have ours in our bedroom and I still love it. (Especially Ryan’s friend who brought a woman named “Mandy Moon.” He will never live that down. We’re not sure whether he paid by the hour or night.)

  2. says

    That box is so pretty! That would make for a very nice styling piece in any kitchen and bonus it’s functional too! Love the guest plate instead of the guest book idea. Definitely makes more sense to give her something she will look at and cherish!

  3. says

    Such great mementos! I dislike guest books where you’re supposed to write down your thoughts about how to have a great marriage or whatever even more than party games. I’ve been known to “forget” to sign them, in fact. But I would totally sign a plate!

  4. Amanda says

    I love the plate idea! Just making sure…the plate will be fine in the oven that long? It won’t break?

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