A deck, a garden and hardwood floors

So a deck, a garden, and a hardwood floor walked into a barn.

No, not really. But it does sort of sound like the beginning of a bad joke, doesn’t it?

Lots of progress is being made up in here.

A deck

When my dad (otherwise known as Papa Bear) got home from Arizona, he said he wanted to help. So, I typed up a forty-page list for him and told him to get going.

Actually, I asked him if he’d like to work on the deck railings and he got going right away. He has the posts up and started assembling the railings.

Deck railings1

We went with cedar posts and decking, which I’d like to seal/stain in a natural finish.
Deck railings2

For the railings, we wanted them similar to our porch railings, so my dad ripped the boards and went to town. Deck railings3

I would really like to get the posts painted this weekend, and then I hope the stain will go on simply. I’m ready to use that space, but I’m also scared to death to be up so high without railings.

A garden

On Mother’s Day, Ryan and I spent the morning getting the garden ready. Technically, we could put everything in the ground. But, it’s been such a cold spring that we stuck with planting the safer things from seed – onions, potatoes, herbs, cucumbers, squash, corn

Ryan had already tilled everything, so he simply turned the soil with a hand tool and I planted the seeds.

Garden barn2

Then, we put up a really simple fence to keep the rabbits and deer out of the garden. We’ll see if that works.

Garden May 20143

Our onions already popped up, which thrills me to no end. You may have to squint, but you can see them.

Garden May 20141


And here’s how Henry feels about onions.Garden May 20142

A hardwood floor

Ryan installed the floors in the apartment last weekend. They are a really nice engineered hardwood that are hand-me-downs from his parents. They’ve been in our basement for almost 4 years, waiting for their next life.

Unfortuantely, we thought there was 250-square-feet of flooring. And there wasn’t. So Ryan was about half done with the room when he realized he was about two boxes short.

Womp. Womp. Womp.

But Ryan was able to pick up the same stuff (a small miracle) and finish laying it in the apartment.

Engineered hardwood floors2


It’s cherry, which is probably more red than I would have chosen. But it’s a beautiful floor and will look lovely once it’s done and we get it trimmed out.

Engineered hardwood floors1

It does get dirty VERY easily. I see many Swiffers in my future. And shoes staying at the bottom of the stairs.Engineered hardwood floors3

The space is really looking more finished now.

Engineered hardwood floors5

It is always hilarious to take Henry to the barn.

Henry barn apartment1

He loves running from one end to the other. Henry barn apartment2

Over. And. Over.Henry barn apartment5

He is cool with his new digs.Henry barn apartment3

He also needs a bath after we visit the barn, but that’s another story.Henry barn apartment4


Speaking of baths, I also finished painting the bathroom this week, which was the best painting job ever. Took me two hours from start to finish, including two coats of paint on the ceiling and clean-up. I went with the same dophin fin paint by Behr, and it looks great.

Bathroom painted Dolphin Fin May 20141

Next up…

Everything else.

(But seriously, we’re supposed to be getting a well this week. Which means WATER. So. Excited.)


  1. says

    i LOVE this! such a cool space! if i lived there (i mean in the house you are building) i would make this a studio and i would become an artist just so i could use this as a studio!

  2. says

    Looking great! I agree with Cassie….what a great future quilting studio?! Also, garden. Yep, gotta get on that. Luckily I haven’t purchased anything, so I should have the super fun task of going to the garden stores on memorial day weekend! Yay?

  3. says

    The barn is looking SO awesome! I can’t believe how quickly it’s all coming together!
    PS – Henry is adorable & I pretty much die every time I see him in the duck or barn tees.

  4. says

    Wow, I love that deck! (And that view!!) If I lived there, I might have to put a day bed or chaise of some sort out there and never come inside!
    It’s so cool seeing your vision come to life. I expected the bathroom to look smaller based on the layout but it looks quite roomy.
    Good luck with ‘everything else’ 😉

  5. says

    Everything is looking amazing! I lvoe the hardwood floors and that Henry loves to run back and forth! Avery was the same way when we’d visited our house during construction!

  6. says

    WOW you made so much progress! This is amazing.

    I think the floor won’t be that bad in terms of Swiffering once you are done building. It looks so much worse and is so much dustier during remodel, don’t you find that?

    I LOVE everything you have done so far and YAY for finding those two boxes of matching floors. So lucky!

  7. says

    ah yes socks only in the apt!! But it was free so really I would’ve taken it too! Stick a nice area rug in there and you are fine! The different woods from the barnwood wall and floors will bring you an eclectic feel.

    Tell Henry I feel the same way about onions. Blech :)

    Good luck with the water well!

  8. says

    I love it! I was actually talking about doing something like this with my mom the other day…she thinks I’m crazy but I think it’s the coolest thing ever! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  9. says

    I cannot even fathom how much planning this must all take. But it’s so fun to watch it take shape. The deck is going to be such a great space for you guys to escape during warm months!

  10. says

    What a great update! LOVING your view! And, seriously jealous of those that plant a garden and have success!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  11. says

    When i are unable to perhaps comprehend just how much arranging this specific ought to most carry. Although it’s so enjoyable to view it carry condition. The particular terrace is going to be such a great space in your case guys to escape in the course of hot months!


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