Making it work on a Monday – kind of

Did you know that buying a new computer can be one of the most terrifying things of all time for a crazy person?

I know. Because I’ve been living a first-world nightmare for the past 10 days. Lengthy trips to Best Buy. Sleepless night. Crazy dreams. Seriously. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to deal with an actual problem.

Flame away.

My computer met its demise being dropped on tile just up and died a little over a week ago and I’ve been a ball of stress over the entire thing.

I knew I would probably have to buy a new computer this year because we’ve put two new hard drives in my old MacBook that I bought in 2008. The last time, the Mac guy told me that I “should probably start saving for the next computer.” Basically, no more bandages. Tough love, people.

So, when the computer stopped working after an unfortunate incident with hexagon tile, I started researching. After wasting hours of my own time and bothering techy friends like Nate from Decor and the Dog, I finally just decided to buy what I planned to from the start. Why must computers be so expensive?

Now, I’m knee deep in setting everything up the way it should be. Because I’m difficult, I don’t want to just put everything from my old laptop onto my new laptop. So I’m sifting through files and photos and trying to get organized and backed up.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this.

In other news that seems less insane – I’m thrilled to be over at My Life in Transition today. Julia asked me to be a part of her awesome new series called Moms Making it Work. It’s all about supporting one another as moms and telling our stories. I’m sharing the nitty gritty about how I went from working full-time in an office to being at home full-time. Trust me, it’s a bit of a novel. But lots of things I’ve not really discussed on the blog.



You can also check out the other contributors – there are some amazing moms in this group with tons of great tips for making it work. I’ve been so inspired following along.


  1. says

    LOVE your mom in transition post! I was hoping we’d get to hear more about your switch from working mom to stay-at-home mom. I especially loved your point about not being able to do it all . . . I’m the same way, I think, geez, I’m just at home all day, why can’t I have an amazing dinner on the table every day and a spotless house and projects completed in a timely manner? But I guess I shouldn’t just focus on ‘accomplishments’–5 years from now, I probably won’t care (or remember) that my house was a mess most days.

  2. Lisa says

    What a great post – thanks for being honest. Returning or not returning to work is a tough decision for us all. Loved hearing about how you got to your final destination. And your little guy is just adorable! Wondering if you’ll be doing a post on his fave foods. Our little guy is almost the same age and I find I get stuck in a rut with lunches.

  3. says

    Fellow mom in transition here! It IS strange not working after 6 years of full-time teaching, but at the same time feels 100% right. I can’t imagine going back, so I know that the heaviness you felt must have been SO hard.

    I also thought that working through pregnancy was better–not only for being coddled, but also because it took my mind off of wanting the baby out NOW. It also made it more fun. Who would wait on me if I were sitting at home by myself? 😉

  4. says

    Ack! I put off buying a new computer for years. We knicknamed my old laptop The Chopper because it sounded like a helicopter when you started it up. One day I came home from work and Jesse had bought me a new one because he knew I wouldn’t do it.

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