DIY Valentine’s shirts

The day of love is right around the corner. And all I have to show for it are a few (awesome) T-shirts.

But really, I couldn’t let the holiday pass without a few heat transfer shirts.

First, a few shirts for Henry. Because every toddler needs multiple Valentine’s shirts. AMIRIGHT?

The first shirt for Henry is a “loads of love” shirt for my wheel-loving boy. I simply cut the dump truck and hearts on navy flocked heat transfer. (Pulled from the trucks shape package.) I added another heart from red chevron fabric and ironed it on with Wonder Under.

Truck Valentine Shirt1

And the “love machine” shirt was inspired by this one at the Silhouette blog. I used the Retro Robot shape and simply cut it on heat transfer vinyl. He lost an eyeball somewhere along the way (the robot, not Henry), so I just tell myself that he’s winking. When I took it out to show Henry in the morning, he started giggling and insisted he wear it. So, that’s a win.

Love machine shirt1

I love that both of these shirts are perfect for a little boy, but still feel “Valentine’s-y.” I made them both as T-shirts because that’s what I had on-hand. It’s easy enough to layer a long-sleeve shirt underneath.

I also made a few shirts for Henry’s friend Regan. I couldn’t resist making Valentine’s Day shirts for a little girl. Since Regan’s first birthday party is an owl theme and her room is decked out in owls, I thought “owl always love you” was appropriate.

Valentines Day shirts toddlers01

I used the owl on branch shape.

Valentines Day shirts toddlers02

And let’s not even discuss the next photo. Ignore the headband. The jeggings. The baby cardigan. I say that for your own good.

Valentines Day shirts toddlers07

The second shirt is a “LOVE” shirt is good for any time of year. After all, all we need is love. (I pulled the word from the I love you card and envelope, which was a free shape on the Silhouette blog a while back.)

Valentines Day shirts toddlers03

And here are the little love bugs in their shirts. I can hardly handle the cute. I mean, seriously. Ovaries could be harmed in the viewing of this photo. What? Can’t I say ovaries on my own blog? Ovaries, ovaries, ovaries.

Valentines Day shirts toddlers05

Mark my words – you see this photo, and you have a hankering for a cute blonde baby.

Which shirt is your favorite? Personally, I want the LOVE version in my size. I know. It’s surprising that I don’t fit into the onesie version.

P.S. None of the links above are affiliate links. I just happen to love all the shapes at the Silhouette store and thought you may want the shapes for your projects, too.

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  1. says

    how cute!!! i so dropped the ball on valentine’s day this year. it’s a miracle my kids even have valentines for school. i am feeling the love.

  2. says

    Oh dear, that boy is too handsome for his own good, and with that smile, I think he knows it. LOVE all the shirts, especially the robot one! So, so cute.

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