A modern-slash-rustic barn bathroom

Are modern and rustic opposites?

If so, today is opposite day. Because as we’re working on the bathroom at the barn, I’m looking to accomplish a bathroom that feels both rustic and modern. A mix of wood and metal in the space will accomplish that.

This month, my Product Picks over at Houzz are all about inspiration for the space. I hope you’ll check it out.

Architects, interior designers, and more ∨

Browse living room ideas, from sectional sofas to chandeliers and floor lamps, for your next interior design project.
From luxury wallpaper to a wall stencil, designer upholstery fabric to room dividers, design doesn’t stop at construction.

I love all of the pieces, but not everything will make it into the final barn budget. We may end up DIYing a vanity inspired by Pottery Barn and a mirror inspired by Restoration Hardware. And I hope to reuse a shower curtain instead of taking out a second mortgage for that lovely one I shared. (I have a bit of a shower curtain collection in a box in the basement.)

But I do hope the end result feels as warm and inviting as that idea book. You can be the judge.

As I was preparing the ideaboard, I also stumbled upon an exciting way to finish the shower surround. Instead of spending time and money on tile, I think we’re going to go with corrugated metal. The inspiration is this bathroom from Country Living. Isn’t it positively barn-y?


I found this wonderful tutorial at Bungalow Bungahigh for the surround. It seems like it’d be a great option for the barn. A bit quicker and simpler than tiling, and perfect with the rustic modern feel for the space. A store-bought surround isn’t an option since there’s a window in the shower.

If you are interested in all the barn fun, you can also follow along with all of our barn conversion inspiration on our designated Pinterest board.

What do you think? Can a bathroom be modern and rustic?


  1. says

    Modern and rustic is definitely a thing, it’s kind of what I try to do. Since we have so much natural wood and brick in our house I try to use more contemporary colors, furniture and accessories to keep things modern and not like a cabin in the middle of the woods.

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