Two DIY necklace projects

February’s craft night with girlfriends was at Michelle’s house. She chose jewelry as this theme, which is much less tedious than last month’s yarn-wrap wreaths.

We each tried a few projects, inspired by:

I managed to talk Sarah into making my state necklace for me, because mine turned out looking more like a fried pickle than Illinois. Sarah’s version looked much more like the good ol’ Land of Lincoln.

Then, I swiped some of Michelle’s wooden beads and Amanda’s ribbon and made a quick green dipped bean necklace. Due to the fact that I’m not a perfectionist, my paint lines are not very straight. But I’m happy with how it turned out. Sort of channeling my inner fourth-grade craft project.

Not only were the necklaces great, craft night was a success because Michelle made me her world famous homemade pretzels and cheese dip. Just for me. (Which reminds me, it was her birthday earlier this week. My gift to her is telling you all to go over and wish her a happy belated birthday.)

Have you tried making DIY necklaces?


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    It looks like you guys had a blast at craft and app night! I really need to make some of my own necklaces. I always have some sort of statement necklace on, and it’d be great to customize them exactly how I want them. You may have just added a few things to my to-do list. 😉

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    Stil so jealous of your craft nights! The necklaces are super cute! I have a ton of ideas for jewellery and a bunch of pins to go with them but haven’t had the chance to sit down and make any of them happen. One of these days…

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    Super cute! Don’t see the problem with a fried pickle necklace, though. Rock it, Woodward. The beaded one is so cute, too! That’s it. I’m flying out for your next craft night. I’ll just crash with Henry.


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