It has been a long time since I’ve you-musted you. You can blame Pinterest. Pre-Pinterest, I could share all kinds of cool things that you’ve never seen. And all was good. But now, how can I compete? However, I thought it was time to bring back the you-musts for old-time’s sake. And because there are random things I really think you must do.

You must:

  • Take a few minutes (or hours) to drool over the most gorgeous kitchen renovation at What Emily Does. Oh. My. Word. It’s gorgeous.
  • Sign up to try ThisLife to have a backup of all your most precious photos that you just cannot lose. My buddy Emily at Imperfect shared it and I’m positively loving the service. You may remember that I lost my hard drive right before Henry was born, including some of my photos. I now have a backup hard drive, but I’m loving ThisLife as another way to ensure I never lose my photos again. It’s like insurance. I’ve linked ThisLife to iPhoto on my computer, Instagram, Flickr and my iPhone. It backs up these photos and has them all in one place. It’s pretty stinkin’ cool, and I love the interface. It’s automatically private, but you can also use ThisLife to share photos if you want. Plus, it’s free to use up to 1,000 photos. And if you use my referral link, we both get an additional 500 photos of storage. So, really. You should do this. (Edited to add: ThisLife was purchased by Shutterfly and has made some changes. I still use the service, but my understanding is that the free option is no longer available.) 
  • Bake up some turtle cookies like these at Domestic Adventure. And then bring me some. Mmkay?
  • Take notes about how to put together an amazing gallery wall with inspiration from the fabulous Perfectly Imperfect Jenn.
  • Make some soft pretzels like these at Decor and the Dog. And then bring me some. Mmkay? (Are you noticing a trend here?)
  • Help me convince my husband that I need a Murphy bed like this one at Creative Decor by Brooke. IT’S A BED THAT FOLDS UP INTO A PIECE OF FURNITURE.
That’s all, friends. Talk amongst yourselves.


  1. says

    Awesome! Thanks! I’m totally loving the kitchen makeover. I’m trying to convince the hubby to let us makeover our kitchen this year. Also, I’ll definitely have to look into the photo storage. I’ve been looking for an online storage option. Thanks!

  2. Martina says

    Mmmm cookies and soft pretzels.. My dad has been adamant about incorporating a Murphy bed into the new cabin, so I’m definitely going to have to check out that post!

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