Update: A classic boy nursery at (almost) 8 months

So, I love pretty nursery photos as much as anyone. But I’m also aware that a nursery is intended to be a comfortable and safe place for baby to grow.

It has to be useful, people.

So, while I was taking photos of Henry’s crib and skirt for yesterday’s post, I thought I’d take some photos of the nursery as it is after (nearly) 8 months and share how it’s evolved and how it works for us.

I should start by saying that I love this room. It’s definitely one of my favorite spaces in the house. 
And we spend a lot of time in the nursery. It’s a safe space and has a good amount of floor space. In the evenings, after bath time and pajamas, we pull out a few toys and play. We do some book-reading. And we still give him a lot of his bottles in the rocking chair or on the bed. Plus, he sleeps here every night. In other words, it’s definitely worth the time to make this space perfect for us all.

And believe it or not, it looks almost the same as when I first shared it over the summer. Which is impressive since I’m a chronic furniture-mover. And I promise you, I didn’t prep these photos or do a major clean-up. I even left the toys on the ground in the interest of real-life. Henry LOVES his John Deere tractors (from grandma and grandpa, who both retired from John Deere).

The biggest change is that there are a few more toys around, mostly. The bin and the Thirty-One bag by the rocking chair hold most of the toys he plays with right now. It makes it really easy to put them away at night.
There are more toys stored away in baskets in the hutch, downstairs and in the closet. The boy has plenty of toys. And the Christmas tree is still up because it’s too darn cold to plant yet.
Henry doesn’t really care about his mobile above the bed. There have been a few times he’s looked at it if we spin the pinwheels for him. But, mostly, not interested. 

What he does love? That Onion Grove Mercantile sign. Obsessed with it. Just stares it down all the time when he’s in bed. I think it’s the contrast. I know I talk about that sign all the time, but it’s seriously one of my favorite things.

And something mom and dad couldn’t live without? The video monitor. You can see the camera hooked to the side of the hutch. It’s one bad motha. I know that many think it’s a luxury and it is. But, it’s so nice to know what the little stinkpot is doing when he should be sleeping. Because 95 percent of the time, he doesn’t need us at all when he’s making noises and the monitor confirms that.

I added a couple more world globes on top of the hutch (one found for $5 on Craigslist and one on clearance for $7 from Target). It’s the start of a little collection. His blankets and burp clothes are all stored in the monogrammed bag in the hutch to ensure easy access. For us, these are used all.the.time.

There are a few more books and toys in the cubbies, too. Most of those toys are still a little too “advanced” for Henry at this point.

The bed is one of the best decisions we made for the nursery. We use the heck out of the bed and have since he was teeny tiny and one of us was sleeping in the room overnight to handle late-night feedings while the other one slept. Now, we still use it to lounge and play and change clothes and … lots of other things, too. The fact that it was faux upholstered is already coming in handy, since we have a daredevil on our hands. I think the avoidance of sharp corners will be good.

As for the bookshelf, it works really well for us and is also a great space-saver. And it holds a TON of books. With that said, we really only read a few books at this point. Henry has his preferences.

Also, the curtains are awesome. Making them blackout was a good decision and I would highly recommend lining curtains for a nursery. It stays dark as night in there all day. Very helpful for my nap-hater. (And I just always leave the blinds raised, for all of you who were worried about the cords. They are safely tucked away.)

Probably the only major change in the nursery is the swing. Also known as the only thing that kept Ryan and I alive for Henry’s first six months of life. (Read more about how important the swing was to us in our baby nice-to-haves post.)
Henry slept in his swing pretty much every night and for naps for the first five or six months. He doesn’t use it at all anymore, but I’m keeping it up in case I need an emergency swing session while he still fits in it. I’m afraid to take it away. It’s like my sanity safety net. I know we will put it away and he will go batty and need it and I’ll be kicking myself.
I didn’t take a photo of the closet, but it’s obviously a huge amount of storage. And we make the most of it. It’s actually fairly organized so I’m berating myself for not photographing it. Now how will you possibly understand how awesome I am? 
Anyhoo … here’s the changing station, which we still use as-is. (Here’s more information about the fabric-wrapped canvases.) 
I did end up keeping the wire baskets after this post asking your opinions on the set up, although I’m still thinking about adding fabric liners.
Pretty much everyone told me that this set up was a terrible idea. So far, we haven’t had any problems with it and the good outweighs the “issues.” Sometimes, Henry will grab something or bang the baskets. Which I mostly find amusing, like the model parent I am. But, one of us is always right there and it’s not like changing diapers takes a lot of time. And it’s just really handy to have “supplies” right there. It works for us.
My friend Chelsea at Two Twenty One also recommended adding a toy on the bar for some stimulation and Henry loves that stinking thing. Since he only gets to play with it when he’s getting his diaper changed, it’s kind of like it’s a special toy for him. Strange babies.
Another thing that works for us is just having a normal garbage can for diapers. I know that people swear by those Diaper Wizards, or whatever. But, I just don’t get it. I mean, we have to take the garbage out fairly regularly anyhow. So why bother with something that requires special bags that I have to buy. So, I just use an old stainless trash can with shopping bags. It contains the smells pretty well, too.
So that’s Henry’s nursery after (almost) 8 months of living. We still love it. And Henry seems to appreciate it, too.

What do you think? Any changes you expected? Anything that surprises you? 

(Also, check out the full massive behemoth of a post with all sources and DIY project links for additional information.)


  1. says

    I don’t need to see a picture of the closets to know how awesome you are. I just know.

    Henry looks so stinking proud of his nursery! I love it. I love the space and that you did what works for you even when people have….comments….about it.

    I also adore that chevron quilt on the rocking chair. Love.it.

  2. says

    Ahhh, I still LOVE his nursery. So perfect, but I love it more now that I see pictures of him in it. That’s a handsome little fellow you’ve got, Kim!

  3. says

    SO cute. I think you already know how much I love this room. One of the things I’ve always liked so much about it is that it is practical for a real live baby, but still stylish and fun. I see so many nurseries that are absolutely gorgeous to look at, but they seem SO impractical. They’re stylish, but I honestly can’t imagine really living with a baby in them. You found the perfect balance of trendy and livable. I love it! (And I think we maybe have already discussed this, but Forrest wouldn’t sleep anywhere but the swing for months, either. Darn stubborn babies.)

  4. says

    I loved my video monitor – it was the only thing that made me feel comfortable sleeping in another room as a first time mom. Best thing ever – and really, they aren’t that expensive anymore (ours was a gift 13 years ago and wit had its own little tv that I put on my nightstand so I could wake up and check out what she was doing – I’m sure they’re much more efficient now!) And that Diaper Genie thing also seemed like more work than it was worth for us. We used a trash can with a pretty strong lid too. It was fine. I love this room – so sweet and the kind of room that can grow with Henry :)

  5. says

    I love love love Henry’s bedroom. It is so adorable and it is awesome that he is able to grow into it!! You are so wonderfully talented!

    And, Henry is the CUTEST.

  6. The Atwoods says

    One of the biggest regrets I have about our nursery is not adding blackout curtains. We rigged up some ghetto ones by adding a dark brown sheet over William’s window (fancy, right?). I know I should just splurge and get some for the room, but the sheet works for now. I love that you did an “update” – we have found ourselves moving things around in William’s room too for practicality sake.

    Oh, and the swing? Yep – ours is in William’s room too :) He rarely ever sleeps in his either, but I just can’t bring myself to pull it out.

  7. says

    Love this!! I like re-visiting after the initial “reveal” to see how the space is really working! :) Looks like it will be great for him for a long time!

  8. says

    My favorite part? The world’s 2nd cutest baby 9mine is first of course- but Henry gives him a run for his money) in that crib hamming it up. Carter also is in love with his John Deere tractor. Love seeing how it is working out, and how it looks in “real life.”

  9. says

    That’s a room built with L-O-V-E. One of the smartest things I think is the bed. Not only did it help y’all get more sleep when he was younger, but the transition to a “big-boy bed” will be so much easier because he’s already used to seeing it there. You would just need to get some side rails to start him off. Very clever!

  10. says

    I love that Henry seems to have transitioned so easily to the crib for you guys! Theron never liked his swing. Bummer. He sure does look like a cutie standing there in his crib, too!

  11. says

    I think it’s so impressive that H’s nursery doesn’t look like a chaotic stick hit it. Don’t peek into Q’s nursery window the next time you drive by. Which reminds me, I’m long overdue for a stalking drive-by your place…..I’ll wave, promise.

    Everything looks amazing (including Henry). One of my fave boy nurseries ever. Especially envious of that bed!! Such a great, smart idea.

    And man oh man, I wish Q would’ve liked her swing b/c I was thisclose to being sent to the psych ward–she cried every time! Q, if you’re reading this, love you.


  12. says

    Glad to know that a nursery doesn’t have to look like a toy bomb went off! I will say it is cuter 8 months later now that the baby is hanging out in that crib! How have you done with the dresser? I really really really want an antique dresser but I’m not sure about everyday use. Also thanks for relinking your crib skirt post, I’ve been trying to get myself psyched up for that. Do you wish you had lined it or does it “hang” ok?

  13. says

    WHAT a cool room. You’re such a lucky kid, Henry. Your mom has good taste. :)
    Our snugabunny swing died. Multiple times. There was much gnashing of teeth. I might write a very very long post about the ridiculous saga that it was one day. After I recover from the PTSD. 😉 That swing is like parent cocaine.
    I thought about your bed-in-the-nursery set up multiple times when K was really little. You’re such a smart mama. :) :)

  14. says

    I like this nursery update business. I love Henry’s nursery– you did such an awesome job. Everyone I know who’s had a bed in the nursery swears by it, especially for feedings. And woohoo for my professional expertise still coming in handy.

  15. says

    I love Henry’s nursery! I have a Henry too, he’ll be a year old on Thursday, and we have that same life-saving swing!!! Seriously, it was the best thing every until he was 6 months old, and ours’ is still put together in our guest room because I can’t bear to take it down! ha! Seriously adorable nursery though!

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