The wife’s goals – how’d I do?

Happy 2013! Ryan and I had such a fun first day of the year as a family. We visited with friends and just spent time together. The day ended with homemade pizza and dips at home. A really perfect way to start a new year.
(Henry and his buddy Everett on New Year’s Day.)
Right now, many people are thinking about changes to make in the new year.
Resolutions are toughies. On the one hand, I love a good list of goals and thrive with a little direction. That’s why monthly goals have worked for me. But, on the other hand, there is a lot of pressure around resolutions, so I often avoid them.
However, there is a wonderful, fresh feel to the start of the year. I find it to be a great time to evaluate and reflect. I considered a few bigger goals, or one little word. I even did a little brainstorming yesterday. I do know that I want to focus on my family and my health in 2013.
But in the end, I didn’t feel driven towards anything specific enough to make a resolution I could stick to. So, I’m planning to stick to my monthly goals. With that said, I’m going to change up the list a little bit this year, because I’m growing bored with this text-heavy format after several years. 
I’ll share my January goals later this week and explain my plan for 2013. Until then, here are my December goals.

The wife’s December goals 
Put together and send out Christmas cards. 
Here are our cards this year.
Make a new recipe. 
I made some breakfast cookies that I’ll share soon.
Host Christmas lunch. 
What a wonderful tradition this has become for our family.
Take Henry to charm Santa. 
Henry and Santa are homeboys.
Start some of our own Christmas traditions with the little guy. 
I think we did a good job, without going overboard.
Finish home tour blog tab.
Not yet. No worries.
Use the Silhouette for a project. 
I did several simple projects. The storybook staircase and stockings monograms were my favorite.
Sew something. 
I made several small gifts, including more dish towels.
Spruce up bedroom.
Ugh. Not everything I wanted to do, but we did get it picked up and cleaned, so that’s a start.
Figure out storage solution for coats/bags/junk.
Not yet.
Begin major purge after holiday decorations come down and start putting things together for sale (or even list items, if possible). 
Got a good start on this. We have a huge to-sell pile started and I’ve already sold some things on Craigslist.
Start storage system for Henry’s outgrown clothes. (SOB) 
I organized all his outgrown clothes and stored them away.
Clean and organize cupboards.
Not yet.
Clean closets? Again.
Ryan did an awesome job with this, and I also did a sweep.

How did your monthly goals go? Do you make resolutions?


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    Happy new year Kim!!! I look forward to seeing your new goal format! I’m lousy at keeping up with my blog this last year…. but I vowed to pick it back up again this year. :) Happy new year to you and your adorbable family!!

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