"Happy together" barn wood sign and bedroom spruce-up

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I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike for the perfect artwork to hang above our bed. First, I was planning to go with a monogram. Then a shelf with photos. But nothing really struck me enough to actually do anything. It could possibly be laziness.

Yep. It was definitely laziness.

Anyhoo, once we ended up with a full barn’s worth of barn wood and I started doing some simple sign painting, I determined that a barn wood sign would be the perfect above the bed.

So, I asked Ryan to cut me a few boards for a sign and I was off.

Then, it was just the challenge of deciding on what to paint. First, I thought of some sort of subway art. Then, I thought I’d go with dates. In the end, I decided on a simple phrase from one of my favorite songs. Do you know it?

I’ve always loved this song. And I think marriage is a lot about being happy together, obviously. And it’s a very good reminder to me, when I’m a general grump and taking it out on the person who means the most to me. All I really want is to be happy together.

Isn’t that what you want?

Anyhow, I’m sort of obsessed with how the sign turned out. Ryan put together two barn boards and I painted the phrase in one evening. I was inspired by a scripted sign I spied when attending Junk Bonanza in September.

I actually like my version better. I got to pick my own phrase, use wood from our barn, and it was totally free because I used paints I already had in the basement.

It’s a nice finishing touch above the bed, and Ryan promised me that it’s sturdy so it won’t fall on us. Although he also said that it probably wouldn’t kill us if it did. So that’s a happy thought.

If you’ve seen our room before, you see that I picked up a new comforter set. I had the same one in white from Target (seen here), but at some point, ย it got a bit stained and it kind of grossed me out. All those people who say that having white furniture and bedding and towels is easier because you can bleach it? They are lying. No help was had from regular washings with bleach and regular detergent. So, I went with tan this time around and I really like it.

The beauty of this comforter is that the tufts make it look put-together and I don’t have to worry about wrinkles. In short, it’s a great set. Because it’s winter, I still have the old chocolate quilt and a couple under blankets under there.

I still have a few things I’d like to finish up in the room (on walls that are not pictured in this post), but right now I’m digging how it’s coming along.

What do you think?

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  1. says

    Great work, lady! I am loving the sign. It looks great above your bed. It really pulls the room together. I might have to copy you. Or better yet, you can quit your day job and come and help me decorate my house. Okay? Deal!

  2. Katherine Kelly says


    This looks great! I love the sign. I really, really do. I am not 100% sold on the “quotes above the bed” trend, but I really like the way you a) made your own b) used a phenomenal quote and c) used barn wood. I’m a firm believer that everything looks better on barn wood. So, you’ve inspired me. Thanks! :)

    Beautiful room!

  3. says

    It really looks great. I love how simple the sign and sentiment are :)

    I have a similar comforter from West Elm, and I love the tufts for the same reason – they cover up the wrinkly mess that my bed usually is! haha

  4. says

    Love it all!

    I also think people who talk about all white ate lying. Or they don’t have husbands who are as dirty/sweaty as mine. I buy dark brown bedding now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Amanda says

    Love the sign, love your blog! Your son is adorable and your eye for decorating is amazing. Would you consider decorating my house?!

  6. says

    The sign is perfect – so much in fact that I may copy you one day. Emphasis on one day, I procrastinate.

    Now onto your rant about white. I’m totally one of those white lovers. I have white sheets, duvet, towels – you name it. One word: Oxi-Clean. Or is that two words? Either way it works wonders on stains – even set in baby blow outs.

    Moving on to your pretty new tufted duvet. I love it. We had one from West Elm but after two years of washes and regular use it developed little holes by each tuft :o( seeing yours makes me want to buy another one.

  7. says

    It looks fabulous!!! I’m very impressed with your sign painting skills!!!
    And that duvet is gorgeous! :)
    (I second Mrs. Adventure’s suggestion of Oxi-Clean. Sometimes I have to let white stuff soak overnight in it.)

  8. says

    Nicely done on the sign. I live the overall look of the bed motif. That is exactly what I had in mind to do for a new headboard- did you buy or create?

  9. Antonella @ The Comfortable Home says

    Kim, your sign is gorgeous! I love the natural look. I think it totally does pull the room together.

  10. The Atwoods says

    I LOVE this!! Did you paint the writing freehand, or did you stencil it at first? You have gorgeous handwriting!

  11. says

    Your sign is awesome! I like the bedding too, and you’re right–I don’t understand the white furniture/bedding thing either, even if it’s supposed to be washable. I really like the tan bedspread–I think it’s more masculine too.

  12. Ashley Eiban says

    Love this sign! A little behind in my google reader so I’m just catching this- but oh my goodness! Your bedrooms looks amazing! I totally want to make one for my bedroom! unless you wanna make one for me? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. says

    If it does fall it probably won’t kill us… that sounds exactly like what Forrest tells me on things hanging around our house! I love the sign! And we had that same white comforter… black dog, white sheets… it didn’t make it long.

  14. Chantal says

    Hi! Love the sign! Also love the wall color in your bedroom. Do you know what the name of the paint color is ? Thanks :)


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