The wife’s November goals – how’d I do?

It’s that time again. The fun time that only I really care about – monthly goals! I really feel like I did a lot this month, so I can’t complain too much about progress. Plus, we’re having so much fun with Henry. I think this is my favorite age yet. (I’ll probably say that about every age.)

The wife’s November goals
Clean up yard and garden beds. 
We did this once, and then all the trees apparently regrew leaves and dropped them again.
Take family photos and order/start Christmas cards. 
I’ll share our family photo and cards soon.
Make a new recipe. 
I made several new recipes this month – pumpkin walnut muffins, tortilla roll-ups, lasagna soup and ranch pork chops.
Start to learn to use the Silhouette. 
I did work on a few projects that used the Silhouette, but I still have more work to do.
Finish another blog tab. 
I’m pretty well finished with the tabs for DIY Projects and Sewing Projects. Go check them out.
Sew something. 
I did quite a bit of sewing this month, including the dish towels I posted about yesterday, burp cloths I plan to share soon and the table runner for the holidays.
Make Christmas lists and get a good start on shopping. 
I’m dominating Christmas lists this year. I have to thank a list-making app on my phone. I’ve been really good at making a note for ideas that I have. Knock on wood, this Christmas has been the least stressful yet.
Stick to the budget.
FAIL! I haven’t even looked at the budget for last month, but I may have splurged on some gifts for myself on the day after Thanksgiving. (Those online deals were quite convenient.)
Start bedroom spruce-up.
FAIL! I only want to do a few things to make the room a little more polished, but I haven’t gotten around to doing anything yet.
Figure out storage solution for coats/bags/junk before winter.
FAIL! This must get done in December for the sake of my sanity.
Try some healthy breakfast options.
I did really well with this at the beginning of the month, with my pumpkin walnut muffins. But I’ve fallen off the wagon. I want to try these breakfast cookies recommended by a commenter.

So, now it’s time for December. I’m really looking forward to December this year. It’s just more fun with the little guy around. But still lots to do. Ryan and I both have the 22-31 off work, so there’s lots of time for some of these projects.

The wife’s December goals
Put together and send out Christmas cards.
Make a new recipe.
Host Christmas lunch.
Take Henry to charm Santa.
Start some of our own Christmas traditions with the little guy.
Finish home tour blog tab.

Use the Silhouette for a project.

Sew something.
Spruce up bedroom.
Figure out storage solution for coats/bags/junk.
Begin major purge after holiday decorations come down and start putting things together for sale (or even list items, if possible).
Start storage system for Henry’s outgrown clothes. (SOB)
Clean and organize cupboards.
Clean closets? Again.

What’s on your list for the month?


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    When I saw this pop up on my reader, I was like – wait a minute… November’s over? WHA?!?! Yeah, I totally knew that, but yikes. Already time for more goals? (for me, that is) Go girl! You did great in Nov and I’m sure you’ll knock out Dec!!

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