Best first Christmas ever

I like to exclaim that every single Christmas was the “BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.” And this one was no exception.

Except, for real this time. THIS WAS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

No, seriously.

Holidays, they tend to lose their luster as you get older. Is it just me? I love celebrating Christmas, but I think the problem is that you begin to understand the amount of work that goes along with making a magical holiday. Decorating, cleaning, baking, shopping, wrapping, cooking, partying. All fun things, but also work.

In the past, I’ve just “worked” too much for the holidays.

This year? I wanted to spend a really awesome Christmas with Henry and Ryan. And I didn’t want to become a monster. So, I decided to decorate only as much as I wanted to. (Okay, I still decorated a lot. But I did it because I enjoyed it.) And I decided to buy gifts only because I wanted to. (No more last-minute trips to the mall to pick up a gift card because I “had” to.)

Was there some stress in the past month? Sure, there was. But, it was just such a great month. And such a great Christmas.

It helps that Henry is the cutest child on the face of the Earth. (It’s been proven.)

It helps that he loves the wrapping paper more than anything.

It helps that we got to spend lots of quality time with all our family.
Ryan’s family hosted Christmas the weekend before.

My parents were in town for a few weeks, and even watched Henry for a week while our daycare provider was on vacation.

Uncle Ky-Ky-Rena and Henry saw eye-to-eye.
Grandma is a bit smitten with Henry.

So is his buddy and second cousin, Garret, hit it off.

We even got to visit my Grandma Sandi.

I guess it’s true that the holidays are magical. Even if it takes a little work behind the scenes to pull it off. It just took one little person to help me see it.

A little person who has developed a need to let out the most painful, piercing, blood-curdling screams to share every emotion. But, I’m overlooking that for the moment.

Oh … and did I mention that I got an iRobot vacuum cleaner from my in-laws and a handmade coffee table from Ryan. Hey. Who says I can’t love the gifts?

But the best gift ever? My little family. In matching outfits on Christmas Eve. (Not even intentional. I swear.) Dream. Come. True.

Hope you had a very merry Christmas in your neck of the woods. Maybe even your own “BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.”


  1. says

    Henry is the luck-luckiest boy in the whole world to have his Christmases with you. You win at Christmas every single year, whether you intend to or not. I love you, your fam, your incredibly presh little boy who smiles in every picture, your house, everything.

    I’m so glad you had the best first Christmas ever. And here’s a secret…it only gets better. Until when they’re maybe like 15 when they’re miserable. But until then, it’s the best ever.

  2. Antonella @ The Comfortable Home says

    Very sweet photos of Henry and your family. You’ll always have those and the memories to cherish! I enjoy Christmas and all the work put into it. It’s worth it all to me. I’m already looking forward to Christmas 2013!

  3. says

    So glad you enjoyed the holiday. We can choose to make it as simple or complicated as we want. It’s all about the kids and the magic of the day.

  4. says

    Look at you in your matching Christmas eve attire.

    Glad you had the best Christmas ever. The holidays always make me want children…until I can sleep until 9 on Christmas day. 😉 You might be punching my uterus with this post.

    And, I don’t think all babies are cute. I think you know that I am a heartless human…but that Henry…he’s kind of super handsome.

  5. says

    I’m so happy to hear you had a fabulous Christmas! I agree that Christmas loses a little bit of it’s magic as you reach adulthood…it’s just a lot easier to become stressed when you are responsible for all aspects of the celebrating. So I’m glad you took a few steps to reduce that junk, so you could take time to enjoy everything! :)

  6. says

    Adorable wagon! I’m so glad you had such a great Christmas with your family and Henry. Even though our Henry’s were too small to ‘get’ it, it was still magical to see them play with them play with the wrapping paper and bows. Can’t wait till next Christmas already! Happy New Year!

  7. says

    Glad you had a great Christmas! And your gift reminded me that you should You Tube “bumbo on a roomba”. Not that I am endorsing such behavior.

  8. Erin @ His and Hers says

    You’re so right about Christmas losing its appeal in these “between being a kid and having kids” years. I was there this year. Your family looks so happy together, and I can understand why they are all smitten with Henry. :)

    Vacuum robot=amazing. Not that I know. I just dream about such things.

  9. Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication says

    That looks like the perfect Christmas :)

    I can only imagine the new magic that Christmas time brings for little ones! I can’t wait to to have kids and see that!

  10. Sugarr2518 says

    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas:) Your little guy is such a peanut!! I love all of his festive outfits!!!

  11. says

    Our little guy Liam LOVES that music table. It was his first Christmas too! I realize now, we didn’t take very many pictures of his first Christmas. Opps…parent fail.

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