A tale of two Santas

I was quite determined to get a good photo with Henry and the jolly guy this year.

We met two Santas this year. And one was certainly jollier than the other. The winner …

Santa 1: Not jolly.

Free Santa photos at a local museum brought my friend Shelly and I to the event with our kiddos.

I thought it would be a good practice for Henry to meet Santa, since I knew we’d see him the following weekend at a work party. Well. Free photos attracted approximately 600 million people. But, we got there early and got in line. No biggie. After waiting about 20 minutes, Henry was ready for a napperooni. And Santa was already irritable. He didn’t even smile. Not a ho ho ho to be heard. And not a recipe for a great photo.

Also, should I note that there is clearly NOT enough lap for Henry (or any child) to sit upon? Santa needed a little lesson is Santa-ing. He was holding the kids like sacks of potatoes. Oh well, it was free. So, we cut our losses and ate our free cookies and milk. Which. were. delicious. So, it was still a win.

Santa 2: Jolly

My employer hosts a family Christmas party on a Friday night at our home office. It’s a really nice event and attracts about 250 people. My in-laws even came along to enjoy the festivities, including Santa and pizza and cookies. Okay, I think the little guy may have been the main attraction.

This event is the bomb-diggity because it is MADE for families. There are games and fun things for older kids, a big mail box to send your letters to Santa and food. Instead of waiting in line for Santa, your name is called with the next person on deck. And it’s in order of age, meaning that the youngest kiddos get to go first. It’s also super laid-back, meaning you don’t feel rushed to get a photo quickly and getoutrightnownextup.

It was pretty cool.

Henry did really well with Saint Nick. I may actually get to work with this particular Saint Nick at my day job. Yes. Even Santa has to pay the bills, people. It helped that he was quite friendly and even let out a ho or two. And every single kiddo got a wrapped, age-appropriate gift.

Henry got a set of Bright Start Shake and Spin Activity Balls, which he thinks are pretty rad.

Although the wrapping was the real winner.

So, that, my friends, is the tale of two Santas. And there was a clear winner. And now a pretty 5×7 of the best Santa and Henry graces the mantel. I think I’m going to love adding a photo with Santa every year.

Wishing you many good Santa photos this year.


  1. says

    Max’s first Santa picture was so awful that I actually like it lol! His tiny Santa hat I put on him slipped down and covered half of his face as he struggled to squirm out of Santa’s hands. I’m pretty sure Santa’s eyes were mid-blink too lol! Instant classic.

  2. PJ @ Planned in Pencil says

    Im a little disappointed Kim. I gotta say. Because, I love screaming kids on santas lap pictures. Just love em! And now there’s your cutie just as happy as can be with rosie cheeks and his cute reindeer hat. Way to be adorbs Henry. Now Ive got to get my screamkng kid fix somewhere else. Lol.

  3. Erika says

    Cute! I’ve seen Santa’s before that don’t have room for the kids on their laps – so strange!! They need to sit further back in their chairs, or something:) Merry Christmas!

  4. says

    So cute!! Henry did so great with Santa! Also, I love your blog design! I’m sorry if you’ve had it a while…i’ve been a bad blog friend lately!

  5. says

    mean santa’s beard looks like it’s eating his face. not cool, santa – not cool.

    your little guy is adorable, though. i can already tell he is going to love christmas just as much as you do!

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