A family tradition, Henry’s tree and DIY decorations

The holidays bring a lot of sentimentality for me. I have a lot of really good memories about Christmases growing up.

Picking trees. Sending letters to Santa. Hanging our gigantic stockings. Decking the halls. Watching my dad put up a huge light-up star on the roof and a life-size nativity in the front yard. Taking our new bikes out in the front yard in our pajamas to ride on Christmas morning.

Needless to say, I love Christmas. And I can’t wait to share some of my favorite traditions with Henry. That means lots of family activities and family time this month.

I know he’s still too young to really remember. But it’s important to me to do things together. To begin the traditions that he’ll remember when he’s my age.

Starting with one of my favorites. Having a tree in his room.

Growing up, we cut our tree down with my family. Typically, we’d find a perfect tree right away. Then, we’d say that we’d come back if we didn’t find one. We’d mark it in some way. Then, we’d spend the rest of the day trying to find that elusive perfect tree that we had already found.

But while we were picking trees, my brother and I also got to pick out a tree for our rooms. The tree was our own to decorate and could be the same height as we were that year. I love this tradition! I loved having my own tree lighting up my bedroom. I loved that I could do whatever I wanted with it. Perhaps this was the beginning with my Christmas tree obsession.

So, this year, we found a tree for Henry that was the same height (roughly) as he is this year. I picked a potted tree this year from Lowe’s so we can plant it in the spring. He seemed unimpressed.

But once we decorated it, we both agreed that it looked rather dapper.

We’ll start building Henry’s ornament collection slowly, one or two each year. And this isn’t about spending a fortune decorating the tree. So, I decided to keep it simple and get crafty – making a few things to spruce it up.

Get it? Spruce?

I had leftover pennants from his nursery, so I cut them down to 2 inch pennants.

Then, I just sewed them together haphazardly.

My inspiration was this little tree.

Source: tch.net via Kim on Pinterest

The pinwheel on the top was made by a friend for our baby shower. And the blocks were a baby gift from my friend Ashley. Although most have been taken off because Henry keeps wanting to play with them. And how can I deprive the boy of his blocks?

The other simple crafty project for the tree was adding the vinyl lettering to his bucket for a base. I cut these with my Silhouette and stuck them on. I figure that I’ll keep this in his room after the holidays. It kinda ties into the other monograms in his nursery.

I’m not sure if it’s the bucket or the blocks or the pennants or the branches, but Henry is mesmerized with his tree. He keeps grabbing at it, which makes it worth the effort and extra watering. I’d like to get a picture with just him and his tree, but I was able to get one with Henry and Ryan.

While we put the pennants on the tree, I explained how I used to get trees like this when I was a little girl. Henry was mostly concerned with putting his feet in his mouth, but I think he’ll eventually have fun with this little family tradition.
Christmas tradition


  1. says

    RYAN IN OVERALLS!!! I’m so happy. Also, love the tree. This is such a fun tradition. I might start it with Forrest . . . this seems like it would be SO fun for a kid. Great idea!

  2. The Atwoods says

    What a fun tradition! And I agree – his tree is very dapper! :)

    Such a handsome little fella and SO blessed to have such a fun, creative and sweet mama!

  3. Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication says

    I love the little tree! It is so cute and perfect for Henry’s room! Having a tree in the room is such a cute idea! I told Jesse that I want to get a small tree for our room next year, he’s not very excited about it. Ha!

  4. says

    This is awesome, Kim. I love the idea and I love how you executed it. (Not to mention that you will be planting the tree when you are done.) Super work , super lady!

  5. Kat says

    What a cool idea Kim! It turned out great–love the bunting–and that you are starting a tradition for Henry that will bring joyful memories for years to come. :) And thank you so much for all the links. I wasn’t certain I could get my posts up in a timely fashion, so I didn’t link to the challenge, but you bet your booties I’m following along and loving every idea and every minute of it! Thanks so much for the continued inspiration–ps-love Ryan’s overalls!

  6. Mom says

    I am thrilled you started this tradition with our grandson. I was even more excited when I read your post and realized how much you enjoyed the tradition as you grew up. It made me smile with a happy tear as it brought back some very happy memories of you as our beautiful daughter and gift from God. I look forward to spending Christmas together. I love you!

  7. says

    Love that!! My girls get live trees sent to them every year – a tradition started by their “adopted” grandparents when Olivia was about Henry’s age. It’s a Christmas tradition that starts off the holidays for us – we plant them in the back yard as well when the season is over and have gotten quite the collection of little evergreens. :) I love this tradition and I love that you are carrying a cherished childhood memory of your own through to your children as well.


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