A yellow and turquoise table for Dare to … entertain! (Dare to DIY)

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends. We enjoyed our day, although I’ll admit that I’m a bit exhausted after yesterday’s festivities. Normally, I shop the day after Thanksgiving. But this year, I was able to do all my shopping last night from the comfort of my own couch. It was pretty awesome.

But, now it’s the countdown towards the second week of Dare to DIY. I was impressed by all the projects last week, so I’m truly looking forward to seeing your tables. Remember, the link-up will go live on Monday morning. Will you dare?

Since I didn’t host Thanksgiving, we are transitioning to Christmas at the Woodwards. I took this challenge with the hope of making our holiday table coordinate with the dining room colors – grey, yellow and turquoise. Particularly importance since the majority of my boxes and boxes of holiday decorations are red. So, this is what I would call an untraditional holiday table.

Although this is very conducive to DIY projects because it is truly impossible to find Christmas items in yellow. Trust me. I’ve looked.

So, my projects were relatively simple to pull together a table. My goals were:

  • To pull in the colors from the dining room and not compete with them.
  • To use my pretty blue Ball jars.
  • To spend little (or no) money.
  • To make the table look fun and not too formal.
Oh, and I didn’t want a table cloth because Henry is starting to eat solids. Which means a serious mess every day.
Here is what I came up with …
 (I try to never, never apologize for my photos. But, this time I must. I got everything put together and realized that my camera was in my car. At my in-laws’ house. Over a half-hour away. After a little temper tantrum to my husband, I took photos with my iPhone. Just believe me that in real life, the table is a million times better.)
I sort of love the fun colors and subtle holiday details. Oh, and I love the collection of ball jars as candles.
The long tin piece in the center is something I bought last year from At Home America. I put the jars inside it, and then I added silver tinsel garland.
I wanted a pop of yellow, so I painted a bunch of pine cones that I still have from our wedding. I have a feed sack of them in the basement.
Which reminds me, how long do you think pine cones “keep?”
I had a sample sized jar of yellow paint. My original plan was to half dip the pine cones in the paint for a modern look. Well. that did not work. Like, at all. So, then I took a brush and tried painting them. In the end, you can still see some of the brown through, but I like the pop of color and the modern look they add to the centerpiece. And I made enough to put on the silver tree, too. Easy peasy DIY project.
I also sewed a very quick, extra wide table “runner”, which brings a pop of color to the table. I added a little rick rack to the end for a fun detail. (I had the polka dot fabric and the rick rack in my basement stash.)
For a placemat, I used a piece of yellow sparkly scrapbook paper. On top, I place a white Fiestaware plate and then a yellow and white patterned plate from Crate & Barrel. The poinsettias and the napkins are the only thing I purchased for the table. I think it was worth the $6.
All in all, I think the table setup is a welcome burst of fun in the dining room. Festive enough for the holiday season, but also practical enough for daily use.

I’m looking forward to seeing your entertaining projects on Monday. If you want more Dare to DIY inspiration, check out my co-hosts’ projects at Decor and the Dog, Maybe Matilda and Two Twenty One.


  1. says

    Gorgeous table! I love the non-traditional colors (and that it still feels very Christmas-y despite not being your standard Christmas palette). The painted pine cones are really fun, I love the jar display in the center, and using papers as place settings is so clever. If only it weren’t for the iPhone pics . . . (kidding!). Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. says

    Looks great–good job making the non-Christmasy colors still look Christmasy :). I’ve been wondering how long pine cones keep, too. Mine are newly gathered for this year, so you’ll have to keep us updated so I’ll know when time is getting short for mine!

  3. says

    It looks great! I especially love the way you used your lovely Ball jars.

    We don’t set a fancy table for the holidays, but I’ll be enjoying all of your readers’ ideas.

  4. says

    I love that this set up works for Christmas and, with a little tweaking, could work at any time of the year. You’re so smart! I’m excited that your house is already decorated for Christmas…I love seeing all of your trees and decorations! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your little turkey.

  5. says

    Never thought of blue & yellow for the holidays dear but YOU made it work!!!! Great job Kim, I bet the meals shared here will even be better because of this cool set-up. :-) Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  6. says

    i love this so very much!! it’s nontraditional, but still with tons of holiday sparkle. this look can easily last through new years without seeming stale. great job!!

    (and ps – please never stop posting henry IG pics – i can’t get enough of them!)

  7. says

    So fun- I love the non traditional colors and how it all ties in with your dining room :) I have pine cones from 3 years ago that still look the same as they did when I picked them off the ground, so I think your pine cones are safe for many years!!

  8. Caitlin @ Desert Domicile says

    Oooh, how fun! I love the tinsel and those painted pinecones! Those are a must for a future tablescape :)

  9. says

    I have great affinity for blue and yellow since they are my Alma mater colors! Love how you’ve taken them to the holiday spirit level. Your spray painted pine cones tug at my groovy core! I would love to sit at your table, K-Dub!

  10. says

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