Happy Halloweenie

Halloween is seriously so much more fun with a kid.

I can’t get over it. I like all holidays, but this year, they just seem more exciting. Like, we get to do them for the first time.

You saw Henry’s costume on Monday. When I was pregnant, my aunt bought Oh Henry bars for door prizes at one of my showers. Then, my mother-in-law searched everywhere for the candy bars to give out to people when Henry was born. (Apparently, they aren’t sold everywhere.)

So, when my cousin Amber suggested that we dress him as an Oh Henry bar for Halloween, I knew we’d found a winning idea. I did a little searching, and only found one costume like it at The Feminist Housewife. Her costume was flawless, but I didn’t know how Henry would like the part over his head. So, I decided to just make him a matching hat instead. And I wasn’t sure that felt would be very comfortable. So, I bought yellow fleece (on sale for under $4) and a piece each of brown and red felt with a sticky back for the letters. I freehanded the letters to look similar to the letters on the packaging and then stuck them to the squares of fleece and sewed the edges. After sewing the front and back together, I added the jagged edges at the top and bottom. Nothing earth-shattering, but I think it turned out really cute. It also came together quickly and was dirt-cheap (under $6 for everything, with tons of fleece leftover).

We actually took Henry to the local zoo last weekend for Boo at the Zoo.

We didn’t collect any candy, but we did walk around and check out the animals and other kids’ costumes. Totally unbiased opinion – Henry’s costume was the best of all. These two strangers agree. (Nope. Totally not his grandparents. We don’t even know them. They just loved his costume.)

And for the very first time in 11 years together, Ryan and I dressed up for Halloween, too. We went to a party last Saturday and here’s our look.

It was really fun to get a costume together and I hope we do it again. Ryan’s been wanting his own pair of overalls and I made an apron to go with other clothes I had (and a borrowed cameo). So, that made pretty affordable costumes.

I think we came close, with a few of our own creative and practical liberties. We couldn’t find a pitch fork and Ryan refused to let me shave his head. Which was lame.

Happy Halloween, friends!


  1. says

    I said this before, but Henry’s costume is super cute. Nice work!! And boo to Ryan not shaving his head :) But I love your costumes too!! Happy Halloween :)

  2. says

    I can understand the not being able to find a pitch fork but for not shaving his head? Ryan, that is disappointing!
    LOL naw, you guys look great … perfect match for the super cute Henry

  3. says

    Once again, your costume for Henry is adorable! And you are so right about making them comfy cozy. And I love, love, love you and Ryan as AG! My favorite type of costume is one that is handmade, creative, and cheap! You win on all counts! I don’t know if I could ever get Mr. Cherry to do that!

  4. Katy Rush says

    Henry’s costume is so cute. I never would have thought of that. I live in the Quad Cities too and we saw a couple wearing the “same” costumes as you guys…you definitely win even without the bald head. :)

  5. Mandy @ This Girl's Life says

    I still remember the boys’ first Halloween and it was SO much fun! LOVE his costume…so perfect! And totally lame that your hubby wouldn’t shave his head…that would have put your costumes over the top. 😉

  6. the cape on the corner says

    just when i thought your post couldn’t get any better (cuz henry’s such a cutie in his little chocolate bar costume) you break out the american gothic. fabulous couple idea!

  7. Grace @ Sense and Simplicity says

    All three of you have the cutest costumes ever. I love the Oh Henry costume – brilliant, comfortable, and warm – a triple win!

  8. says

    Yall’s costumes are really cute but you should have used them last year because you totally got showed up by Henry. I am a homemade baby costume snob so I think his O’Henry bar is so adorable! I bet you could literally eat him up!

  9. Niki says

    Hi. My son’s name is Henry and we want to do an oh Henry costume for him. How did you make yours? Thanks!

    • says

      I didn’t really document the steps, but I basically created a “pillowcase” out of felt that would go over his head. (So a hole for the head and one for each arm.) Then, I just cut the words out of felt and fused them onto the felt. It was a pretty simple project so I didn’t really use any tutorials or anything. Good luck!


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