An ode to bacon

If you know me at all in real life, you likely know one thing about me. I hate bacon.


I have pretty much always thought that it was disgusting. Ugh. And Ryan loves bacon. Which means I’d gag and open all the windows every single time he fried it in the kitchen. Yick.

And I actually told him to make it somewhere else. Because I didn’t even want the stuff in our fridge. Not near our house. And he’d try to get up earlier than me so that he could make it and get the house aired out before I woke up. It didn’t work. I could sniff bacon in my sleep.

But life has totally changed. Which means I should probably tell you – I don’t hate bacon anymore. At all. In fact, I like it.


And strangely, this all changed when I had Henry. A few weeks after Henry arrived, I visited my friend Rebecca and we went out to brunch. While looking at the menu, the BLTA just stuck out to me and told me to eat it.

What? Menus don’t speak to you?

That’s not the strange part. The strange part is that a BLTA has bacon on it. BACON.

So, I ordered it. And I devoured it. It tasted awesome. So awesome that I picked up bacon on the way home and made Ryan and I BLTAs at home the following week. And the following week. Ryan was shocked. And thrilled.

Since then, I’ve tried bacon by itself, on sandwiches and even on salads. But, I have to draw the line at bacon bits.

And in case you are wondering, ham still hasn’t made it off the “I hate it” list.

So, I guess that the world hasn’t completely gone insane. Yet.

Has anyone else heard of such a crazy thing? And more importantly, can having a baby cause crazy changes to food aversions?


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    I was the same way with doughnuts. I know, I know! What? Did I use to be crazy? But before Tristan, I HATED doughnuts. The smell, the taste, everything. If a group of us would go out and someone wanted to go to Krispy Kreme, I stayed in the car. The smell made me want to gag. If someone bought a box and I had to sit with it in the car on the way home… Ugh! But then I got pregnant. 6 months in, someone brought doughnuts in to work and I was drawn to them. And now…. I love them. When once I couldn’t stand even the smell of one, I can now eat 6 if they are hot and fresh. But I don’t do that often. Just once a year. :-)

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    Bacon is DELICIOUS. Period.

    Before I had kids, I hate-hate-HATED runny eggs. Like, if I had a fried egg, the yolk had to be absolutely cooked through or I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. I used to have to keep myself from gagging whenever I’d see someone dragging their toast through an egg yolk. Blecch.

    But then I got pregnant with Colin. And what did I crave? Fried eggs WITH SOFT YOLKS! It was so weird – I couldn’t get enough of them! Since then I’m not quite as crazy about them, but I still actually prefer them not all the way cooked. So weird.

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    Tomatoes. I hated tomatoes pre pregnancy. I could eat salsa ketchup etc. But I started eating sliced tomatoes on everything and now still do. It is bizarre.
    I am glad you came over to the dark side. Mmm. bacon.

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    When I was pregnant with my first, the very idea of eating a steak cheese sub (WHICH I LOVED) made me gag. Took me about 3 years after she was born to eat one again and now they’re on my “eh, it’s OK” list. And I too hate ham. Always have and I’m pretty sure that’s not changing.

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    I’ve been trying to make myself try foods that I’ve “always” hated lately…because more and more I’m finding that I don’t actually hate them anymore!

    Except cilantro…I still pretty much hate that! But welcome to the bacon club!

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    This post is cracking me up! I totally go through phases with bacon. I am really sick right now with infected tonsils and the only thing that seemed remotely appetizing last night at 11:40 was poached eggs and bacon. It sure was delicious!

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    Yes! Actually, the longest paper I ever wrote in college was a research paper on “Cravings and Aversions in Pregnancy” because I thought it was such an interesting topic. Babies do weird things to people.
    Sadly, I have no crazy aversion-turned-craving personal tales, but it totally happens!!

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    When I was in my last trimester with my sweet boy, I craved shrimp. I hadn’t eaten any animal product in many years, so it was very strange to me. These babies change us in so many ways!

  9. Meredith S says

    The SAME THING happened to me!!! And I thought I was the only one – except mine was cake. Yes, I know, who hates cake??? Well, I did…but now I LOVE IT. Can’t get enough.

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    My pregnancy food story is that with my first, I couldn’t eat a Whopper without gagging. Before that I they were my favorite fast food sandwich. I have hardly eaten once since then and that was almost 25 years ago now.

    Also with the first, I could only manage a PB sandwich or bowl of mac ‘n cheese for dinner most nights due to extreme fatigue. And guess who grew up loving those two foods???

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    I didn’t care for anything spicy until I had Henry, and now I can’t get enough heat. Even 2 years later. I put red pepper flakes on just about everything.

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    I didn’t care for anything spicy until I had Henry, and now I can’t get enough heat. Even 2 years later. I put red pepper flakes on just about everything.

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    Haha, how funny that you changed your mind! I’m not sure what is with men and bacon, but we have a bunch in our fridge right now. I’m ok with it, but don’t ever feel the need to make it. BLTs are fabulous though! I usually do the turkey bacon when we have those, which is pretty good =)
    I wonder if after I have little Kevin I’ll start to like anchovies or something 😉

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    Hahaha..this post cracked me up. Thanks for the giggles. I actually love bacon, but only if it’s cooked until it’s basically burnt haha. It needs to be totally crispy, but I do love it. And I love the smell…so yummy!

  15. The Atwoods says

    I was the same way with Cottage Cheese. Before William, I only ate it if it was cooked in dishes (like lasagna), but during pregnancy and even now I can eat the stuff right out of the container with a spoon! (gross, right?!?)

  16. Kasey @ Hello! Lola says

    When I was pregnant with my son I craved steak. Seriously, all things steak… as a matter of fact just give me the whole cow. I craved it. Like every single night for dinner was steak, kind of craved. Before I was pregnant I was never big on steak. Not because I didn’t like it, Just never really cared for it. I ate ground beef, but not steak… My son will be 5 in some months and to this day I still crave me a big ol’ juicy New York Strip. Weird how the body works!

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    That IS crazy! I hate bacon. And Ham. Basically any pork products that do not come on a pizza. And I only eat those, cause I’m too lazy to pick everything off! I can’t even stand the smell of stuff made out of pigs, like pig leather items. I can totally smell the difference. I can’t imagine suddenly not being a weirdo. lol

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