The wife’s April goals – how’d I do?

Yowza … I just cannot get over how quickly the months are going by. And the baby will be here within in the next month and a half, which blows my mind. MIND IS BLOWN.

With that said, here’s my month in review …

The Wife’s April Goals
Read book club book. 
FAIL! I didn’t finish a single book this month, which is the first time this happened in a long time.
Visit Chicago with blog buddies. 
A wonderful time was had by all.
Finish houndstooth crib quilt. 
I did finish the top, but I still need to quilt and bind it. Still giving myself credit.
Make a crib skirt and twin bed skirt for nursery. 
Still need to finish the crib skirt, but I did get the upholstered bed done!
Paint canvases for nursery wall art. 
FAIL! I decided that I may not be doing this, so it’s coming off the list.
No breakfasts out during the week. 
I shouldn’t give myself full credit for this because I did hit the drive through twice. But this is a vast improvement over past months.
Try a new recipe. 
Recipes to come.
Make monthly half-square triangles for February, March and April. Seriously. Time to catch up.
FAIL! Perhaps I need to be a little more realistic about my time and energy levels.
Celebrate the month of my birth!

May’s list is disgustingly excessive, so I am fully prepared to get none of it done. But, since the baby will likely make his appearance in June, I figured I should get it all out there. OHMYGOODNESS.

The wife’s May goals 
Read two books.
Quilt and bind houndstooth crib quilt.
Finish nursery crib skirt.
Paint legs of upholstered bed.
Touch up white paint upstairs.
Make pennants for nursery.

Sew pillows for nursery.
Stain shelves and install shelves in the hutch of the nursery.

Shampoo carpets.
Make changing table pockets.
Pack bag for the hospital.
Get a new mailbox.
Paint exterior doors.
Plant veggie and herb gardens.
Try a new recipe.

How does your month look?


  1. says

    I think you manage to get a lot done in a month. Once baby comes, you may want to slow down a bit! Or, better put, he may want you to slow down a bit!
    Seems like you just announced your pregnancy and now it’s almost time!

  2. says

    I have a huge May to-do list, too … especially since they could decide to induce me as early as the 24th. Eeek! But you know what’s funny? I’m far less preoccupied with getting my house ready for the baby than with getting it ready for my mother and mother-in-law (both neat freaks) to come. Hehe! Priorities …

  3. Caroline says

    It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it. The time goes by so quickly and then BAM baby. I ‘m having a hard time accepting that i could have mine any day now, let alone next month. I keep thinking… but! But! I have so much left to do! She can’t come yet!! Good luck getting your list taken care of and take advantage of sleeping in on the weekends now!!!

  4. Leah says

    Agree with daisy. :) ^^^^^

    I didn’t read one book when Nora was first born, except some breast feeding pamphlets from my doctor, lol.

    Good luck getting all that done! Won’t be long now . . .


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