A baby blue shower

In case I didn’t feel blessed enough already, my aunt and cousin threw us a beautiful baby shower over the weekend. There’s no way this mother and little baby boy could feel any more spoiled.
The grandmas haven’t seemed to tire of the idea of a baby boy. They have smiled through every shower. Our little guy is one lucky little one.
The details of the shower were too perfect. Lots of blue and polka dots. Perfect for a Baby Dub.
Even the silverware appeared to be swaddled baby boys.
Becky put together this fabulous diaper tricycle. Have you ever seen anything so cute? It had diapers, baby socks, receiving blankets, bibs and a bottle.

We received more very special and generous gifts. The generosity of our family and friends is truly overwhelming.
Color us very thankful over here. Thankful, excited, tired and a little swollen (at least my ankles).
But mostly thankful.


  1. Annie says

    I think your little boy is going to share his name with my son :-)

    This boy is blessed to be born in such a lovely family.

  2. says

    You are lucky! And how cute are those cookies?!? I hope I don’t get any awesome diaper/onesie sculptures. I’d feel too bad about taking it apart! I’d probably end up using it to decorate the nursery lol!

  3. The Atwoods says

    I LOVE that tricycle…what a genius idea! Now the question is…will you take it apart? I would have a tough time making that decision!

    PS – You look fabulous!! Are you sure you’re having a baby in less than a month?! 😉

  4. Nicole @My Thrafty Life says

    How sweet! That motorcycle is awesome! I usually make a diaper cake for each shower or a onesie bouquet, but that cycle is something else!

  5. Grandma Lain-eeeee says

    Aunt Cathis and Becky did an AWESOME job but I’ve come to expect nothing less. We are so blessed to have such an incredibly talented and loving family. Can’t wait for that little guy to come and meet his Grandma! How can I love that little guy so darn much when I haven’t even met him yet? Om my!!!!

  6. Caroline says

    That diaper tricycle is about the cutest diaper cake creation ever!

    Wishing you a relaxing few weeks before the arrival of the little guy! Keep those feet propped up!

  7. says

    Geez Kim, could you have any more loving, supportive, generous, insanely creative people in your life? This is so so cute. I love the color scheme and the seriously, the dipe trike is killer. I can’t wait to make one for someone. Anyone really. Hopefully you’ve got everything your little buddy needs by now!

  8. Lauren says

    Love this! Especially all those adorable little details. And that diaper motorcycle? That is too much! You and Ryan are very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family! :)

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