The wife’s March goals – how’d I do?

It’s officially my birthday month. The most wonderful month of the year! I’m not one of those people who keeps her birthday a secret and pretends like she doesn’t care. It’s worth celebrating – ask my husband. I start celebrating on April 1 and sometimes all the way through May, if I’m lucky. (My birthday is April 24, if you want to send a card or flowers. Or an iPad.)

Anyhoo, before we get to April, let’s talk March goals.
The wife’s March goals
Read book club book.
I finished the book club book – Same Kind of Different as Me. I also finished Heaven is for Real.
Host a fun weekend with my college roommate.
It was wonderful to spend the weekend with Ali.
Finish baby registry.
Done. My husband’s version of hell.
Make nursery curtains.
Done and done.
Start nursery quilt.
It’s started, although it has been taking longer than I expected.
Avoid drive-through breakfasts.
FAIL! Let’s just say that the siren call of the yellow arches was too much to avoid.
Eat at home during the week.
We did pretty well with this.
Try free-motion quilting.
I had a chance to quilt Sarah’s quilt.
Find a twin bed for room.
We did find a mattress and Ryan built a bed frame. Super happy with the result.
Work on other nursery components, without stressing myself out if the time isn’t there.
Try a new recipe.
I did make a new recipe for breakfast sandwiches, but they were pretty horrible so I’m not sharing them. But, I am giving myself credit.
Make monthly half-square triangles for February and March.

And now… onto the most wonderful month of the year! 😉

The wife’s April goals

Read book club book.
Visit Chicago with blog buddies.
Finish houndstooth crib quilt.
Make a crib skirt and twin bed skirt for nursery.
Paint canvases for nursery wall art.
No breakfasts out during the week.
Try a new recipe.
Make monthly half-square triangles for February, March and April. Seriously. Time to catch up.
Celebrate the month of my birth!

What are your goals for April?


  1. says

    Happy Birthmonth! My oldest son will be 32 on April 24, Perfect day for a birthday.
    Congrats on your new land purchase. It looks ABSOLUTELY perfect. What wonderful years you will have there.

  2. Deanna @ TheChangingHouse says

    I think it’s great to have goals!! That’s awesome… especially when you accomplish them. My goals normally don’t get done, so I don’t really make them!!! This way, I can’t get discouraged! HA!

  3. Caroline Meyers says

    Sounds like we’ll be getting lots of nursery updates this month and I can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to seeing how the houndstooth quilt turns out. I think it’s going to be mag!

  4. says

    Happy Birthday Month :-) You totally need an iPad, they’re awesome!

    I love this goal list. Do you find that it helps keep you on task so that you don’t forget the things you wanted to get done? You are so productive!

  5. The Atwoods says

    hahaha…you are SO much like me when it comes to birthdays! Mine’s Oct. 21, and when Oct 1 hits, I’m always reminding my family members…”You know whose birthday is this month, right??” 😉

    I laughed at your comment about the baby registry too…we went to register and my hubby practically grabbed the registry gun out of the poor girls hand who was trying to explain the “process” to us. He assured her we knew what we were doing, and we were out of Babies R’ Us in less than 45 minutes! LOL

  6. says

    Happy almost (not really but I’ll play along) birthday to you. Happy almost (not really but I’ll play along) birthday to you. Happy almost (not really but I’ll play along) birthday to you. Happy almost birthday dear, Kim!

    I’m kicking your butt in this quilt square business. As in, I have February done. 😉

  7. says

    I love making the goal list! And dude, it’s coming quickly! I still keep forgetting then remembering. ha. And about these books, did you mention your opinion of them anywhere? I am on the hunt for new reads.

    I propose we have cake every day that I see you this month in honor of your big day.

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