Flashback: silk-dyed easter eggs

I’ve been MIA lately. Projects are in the works, but going a little slower than normal so there isn’t much to share.

Not to mention that I come home from work every day completely exhausted. Making dinner (sometimes) and vegging with Numbers on Netflix is about all I can muster.

But with Easter coming up, I thought it was a good time to share a project from last year – silk-dyed Easter eggs. I’m hoping to reprise this project over the weekend. And it’s such a fun project for unique decorated eggs. And, it’s cheap, too. My mom and I found all our silk ties at Goodwill for dollars.

Silk-dyed Easter eggs

They are so darn pretty.

Mom and I decided we needed to try it after seeing it on Martha Stewart and Skip to My Lou. So we stopped at the local Goodwill in Arizona and picked up 7 silk ties that caught our fancy (around $8 total). There were silk ties everywhere! We ended up using 3 of them to dye a dozen eggs.

We basically followed the instructions in the links above (which are super easy), but we found it simpler and more effective to use rubber bands to secure two ends of the silk around the egg to look like a Werther’s candy. (The links above call for fabric to secure the silk.)

Not only did the eggs turn out so pretty, it was also super easy and much less messy than traditional egg dying. It’s a fun surprise to see what they look like at the end. (Ryan and my dad didn’t have much faith that they would turn out well.)

I think I’ll be doing this every year.

What do you think? Do you dye Easter eggs?


  1. Caroline Meyers says

    This is super intriguing and I love how they turned out! I might have to try this with Joseph for Easter. Thanks for resharing, Kim!

    Also, veg away. You are growing another human. He’s mooching off of you constantly. You need the rest! :)

  2. says

    Good question about whether they are safe to eat. I think we ate them last year, but according to some basic Googling, it appears that it isn’t recommended if you don’t know what dyes are used. Obviously, fabric dyes aren’t necessarily food safe. Thanks for the question!

  3. Your Mother says

    I had forgotten how much fun this project was. I’m not sure if there is anything that I do with you that I don’t love! Thanks for sharing……it made me smile remembering our FQT together angel! Love ya so very much!


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