A shower for Baby Woodward

We are quite lucky to have wonderful friends and family members who have made us feel so special since finding out we’re expecting. To that end, several have offered to throw us baby showers for the little guy. I’ve thrown a lot of baby showers in my day, but having a shower hosted for you is a whole new experience. Ryan and I are quite thankful for all the generous people in our lives.

Our first shower was last weekend, a couples’ shower hosted by our friends Brian and Jessi. Brian was Ryan’s best man in our wedding and a really good childhood friend. We’re quite thankful for the both of them.

We lucked out and had fabulous 80 degree weather (In Illinois! In March!), so we got to sit out on the patio and enjoy the sunshine and fabulous brunch food with some of our favorite people. Including both of our parents, who are quite smitten with Baby Dub already.

And we also received a number of generous gifts. It’s kind of hard to believe how much “stuff” comes with a baby. 

All-in-all, the three of us (Ryan, Dub and I) are feeling quite thankful! Made for a lovely end to the weekend.


  1. says

    So fun!! You look fantastic, by the way. I helped my sister set up one of her registries and I was also blown away by the sheer amount of STUFF. High maintenance babies, I tell ya. I’m glad you got some help filling the nursery!

  2. Nicole @My Thrafty Life says

    I love this weather! Looks like it was a great weekend for a shower. I love baby stuff, especially tiny shoes.

  3. says

    We’ve been enjoying wonderful weather as well here in MO… I love your photos you look adorable, pregnant looks good on you :o)

    PS: You’ll have to tell us how the Moby works I’m curious. XO.

  4. yeoldesandwichshoppeva says

    Aww yay! Looks like you had a blast! Baby’s do come with a lot of stuff, don’t they?

    Woot! Moby wrap!! Excellent choice :).

  5. says

    P.S. That was my last comment…didn’t want you to think you had a creepy anonymous poster!! I accidentally hit it too soon!

  6. Joey says

    YEAH YEAH!!! Glad to see the ladies love the baby hammock I got you. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Looks like you had fun.

  7. says

    We had a beautiful weekend here, too – I’m so glad you got the pretty weather for your first shower! Looks like fun – and yay for a Moby wrap!

  8. says

    So fun!! You look beautiful, my friend. Love that polka dot top. Also–I hope we’re good enough blog buddies that I can say this–your boobs look awesome. I’m incredibly jealous. (Please don’t ban me from your blog.)

    (You’ll love the Moby wrap. It was the only way Quinn would nap in the early days!)

  9. says

    How fun!! I have my shower on Saturday, can’t wait! I’ll be curious to hear how you like the Moby wrap – I’ve heard great things but then I was just gifted a sling so I’m thinking about foregoing the wrap. Hmm.

  10. says

    That looks like the perfect shower on a perfect day. So nice having all those people spoil ya, isn’t it? Those darn babies need SO much crap, even if people tell you otherwise. Btw, your parents and your in-laws all look like they are just the nicest people ever. Can I be in your family? I bring with me a cute kid, a nice husband and fair baking skills. Please submit my application :)

  11. Arizona Lainey says

    What a fabulous week back in the Quad Cities. You have some very special friends. We are so thankful we were included in this special event!

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