Sunshine makes me happy

I just got back from a getaway to lovely Arizona. Because it was nearly 80 degrees and sunny, I spent a good chunk of time sitting on my parents back patio soaking up the sunshine and this view. (Can you believe I ever left?)

I was tired of the clouds and the cold in the Midwest. I think a little Vitamin D was just what this cranky, pregnant lady needed. That, and parents who spoiled her rotten.

Papa Bear was turning the big 5-5, so my brother Kyle and I both flew down for the weekend.

But somehow being the incubator for the first grandbaby made me quite the attraction. (My mom may have even stopped someone walking her dog to show her my belly. She’s one proud grandma.)

We did some celebrating, lots of eating, a bit of (baby) shopping and plenty of soaking up the sun. Needless to say, my pampered self was in for a rude awakening when I got home to 30 degrees and snow.

And Ryan has yet to make me a snack, like mom does.

Whatever is a girl to do? 


  1. Arizona Lainey says

    Dad had the greatest birthday this year. It couldn’t have been more perfect than to have both of his kids to spend it with him. Thanks for taking time to come and visit. We’ll pamper you ANYTIME you wanna come and share our sunshine! That’s what parents do, right?

  2. Sugarr2518 says

    Isn’t it great just to be able to get away , especially somewhere where it’s warm and NO snow! Love the pics of AZ, it makes me want to go back to Vegas!

  3. Tara @ Tara Being Tara says

    You are so funny! Ryan could try to make you a snack, but it wouldn’t be quite as good as a mom snack. I’m assuming that once you have this baby you will also be able to make things like mom snacks. And make illness go away with a hug and a “poor baby.” I guess they give you a book on how to do that at a hospital or something?

  4. says

    Have I mentioned before that I love your parents? No? Well I do. I’m so happy (and seething with jealousy) that you have a lil sunny escape. I keep trying to convince my dad to retire to the virgin islands or something…not for any selfish purposes of course…

    You look fantastic btw!

  5. Lauren says

    Why did you move from Phoenix? For school? I don’t think I could move from somewhere warm to somewhere cold. Although this winter has been warm! Glad you had a great trip. It’s great to have some family time. :)

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