A very Woodward Christmas (Dining Room)

It’s time for the dining room Christmas tour…

Starting with the most recent love of my love of my life. I have been lusting over a silver tinsel tree at a department store for the past three years. When the display was 75 percent off last year, I snatched that baby up. I love her.

I didn’t have much in the way of ornaments that would go on the silver tree, so I just went with a lot of my most colorful ornaments. Like my 12 Days of Christmas ornaments from Crate & Barrel.

And the lighthouse ornament from the Oregon coast.

And the fabulous NewlyWoodwards ornament a friend made me.

All of the silver, when combined with the colorful glass ornaments, makes quite a lot of sparkle in the room.

I also put up our little village above the dining room hutch. And our Christmas dishes inside the hutch.

Only the Woodwards would put our hardware-store-of-choice (Menards) as part of their Christmas Village.
Just a few changes to our table to incorporate my favorite Fiesta Christmas dishes.
Don’t you love them, too?
And let’s take one more look at my pretty silver tree.

What do you think?


  1. says

    I love the village above the hutch. I just put some greenery up there this year. I have been debating getting a village but never knew where I would put one. I will now be scouting out the sales this year!

  2. Your Mother says

    Absolutely goregeous! When I was a little girl, your grandma ALWAYS decorated with a silver tree. She had a red/green/clear spotlight that she put out in front of it. This brought many memories from my childhood that I didn’t even know were there. Thank you daughter! I love you so much!

  3. says

    Is that a wedding veil as a tree topper? Your tree looks like a Winter Wonderland Christmas bride!

    I like the Chrismas lights dishes on the table…festive without being too over-the-top.

  4. says

    I thought I was crazy for thinking that was a veil! Guess not. ANyway, I love this tree! I am getting the itch for a non-tradish tree…for the dining room. That would bring my count to 3. Which according to my calculations, would still be a lot less than you. Ya know I strive to be a Christmas superstar like yourself. Someday.

  5. says

    Woops, totally forgot to mention anything besides the tree! So the dishes, they’re perfect. I’m not normally a holiday dish kind of girl but these, I would rock. SO should you ever tire of them, feel free to send them my way. Also, do you ever get tired of me asking for your things? Because I don’t :)

    I still can’t get over how much I love your table setting, and your dining room in general. Ok, gushing over.

  6. says

    I love your tinsel tree! I just bought a mini one and was actually about to return it because I couldn’t decide if I loved it or not… seeing your pictures makes me love it!

  7. says

    I love the tree! I’ve wanted a silver tree for years, but they are hard to find and so pricey. You’re so lucky you found one on sale. I’ll just have to be happy with my white tree…

    You know, I have been looking for those dishes since I first saw them on your blog, like 3 Christmases ago. They are THE BEST Fiesta Christmas dishes ever. They are crazy expensive on Ebay and shockingly hard to find.


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