Renovation progress report – week 25

I’m super excited to be guest blogging at Remodelaholic today about our bathroom remodel (from way back in the stone age – or 2007). Talking about making it big! Remodelaholic is such an awesome blog, and I’ve found many like-minded bloggers through the blog.

Many of you may not have seen this full before and after of our bathroom. Please go check it out and leave a comment. And, if you are dropping over from Remodelaholic, welcome! If you are interested in our remodeling adventures, please check out our entire first remodel or the weekly posts about our second home remodel.

Speaking of weekly progress – it’s week 25, friends.

The bath
We’re officially moving on to bathroom progress. Ryan’s dad came over to lend his expertise in plumbing. It’s time to get the tub hooked up! Yay!

There’s also a floor, which is cool!

It’s nice to avoid walking through the ceiling. (Which Ryan totally did in our current bathroom – walked straight into the recently remodeled first floor bathroom. That was a good day. If only we had a blog at that time. Lots of great stories.) Anyhow, back to the bathroom.

Remember in August when I said that the bathroom would be our first completed project? Mwahahaha…. yeah, me neither.

Well, here’s a revised rough look at what we’re planning for the bathroom now.

Most is the same – we’ll have a simple vanity (although I think I’ve settled on painting it black now) subway tile in the shower and beadboard around the room. We already have the chrome light and faucet fixtures. The wood floors are getting swapped for hexagon tiles to play off the tile in the entry. I also decided to go with a medicine cabinet instead of the oval mirror. I think it looks like it could live in a house from the late 19th century.

Pretty, right?

Still a ways away, but the dream is alive.

The paint
Another room bites the dust.

I painted with Martha Stewart Bedford Gray (color matched to Behr). It’s the same as the entry. Consider for a moment about how much cutting in I had to do in the HUGE room… A lot. (I don’t bother with painters tape.) But, it was worth it. Really cleans up the room. And I’m still madly in love with this color.

Better than this, right?


Lots more work
For those of you renovating, do you ever think you are just moving so fast? Then you take a step back, look around and realize that OH MY GOSH, THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO DO, HOW WILL IT EVER GET DONE?

That’s where we’re at. Things are happening, and it’s exciting. But then I look up and see the crown moulding.

I like to paint trim and crown moulding last. I’m waiting until the windows are installed to start working on trim. And, obviously, the trim will need lots of prep before I can even paint them.

And, do you even know how many holes are in the woodwork?

About a half a million.

And these are just the small things. So, instead of crying in the fetal position, we just celebrate the small victories.



And, what’s your opinion on the fireplace? I was planning to paint it white, but I’m kinda warming up to the brick color with the wall color.


Here’s the updated house list.


  1. says

    Love the bathroom inspiration – that vanity looks really close to what we put in and we LOVE them! :)

    As far as the fireplace goes, my vote is leave it for now – get moved in and actually LIVE with it for awhile to see how it goes with your furniture/etc. We were hot to paint ours, but didn’t and we kinda like the rustic-ish character it brings to the space – and our walls are grey, too.

  2. says

    Yay progress! I totally understand the temptation to cry in the fetal position (we just found an, uh, “interesting” situation concerning our header in the kitchen), but look at how far you’ve come! It’s worth it. Totally worth it. And I’m so excited to see the bathroom come together!

  3. says

    Oh, I love that gray, perfect. Don’t mind if I steal that from you in our next house (that’ll be a few years from now, you’ll already be living on your farm). And I like the idea of leaving the fireplace for now – maybe paint the insert to lighten it up with a firesafe metallic? Maybe? I also like it black.

    And can I just tell you how refreshing it is every Thursday to see a post with “Week _____” in the title and not have it be a pregnancy post? I love your renovation posts, pregnancy is so 2009. (Apparently I woke up in a mood…)

  4. says

    Congrats on the remodelaholic feature! So cool! And I am loving that paint color in your living room and entry. I say hold off on painting the fireplace for now. You can always decide to paint it, but un-painting would be a bear. :-)

  5. says

    Yay for your feature on Remodelaholic!! The paint color in your living room is so pretty…gotta love Martha. I used Martha’s Cumulus Cloud in our kitchen. The woman has good taste. LOL And as for your fireplace…I think I would live with it the natural brick first…then decide later. There’s not much goin’ back on that. Can’t wait to see you next week girlie!

  6. says

    Yay for Remodelaholic, I can’t wait to pop on over there and read it! You are a trooper for tackling all that cutting in, and eventually the trim – 3 gold stars for you! It’s all looking so great! And I agree with everybody else to wait on painting the fireplace.

  7. says

    I think you should paint the fireplace. The room is light and bright but the fireplace is a big dark spot. It will help with the fresh and light feeling. I love that paint color (still) and if you had shown a close up of the trim I would have thought you had already painted it. The bright white looks great against the gray.

  8. says

    Ok at first I was like oh yeah paint that sucker white… but dang I do love the color brick that it is. I’m pretty sure I’d sit on it another month before deciding (sorry I’m NO Help lol)

  9. says

    Oh I love that paint color! Hmmm…I wonder how it would look in my “hopefully someday” remodeled master bedroom?

    As for the fireplace? I like the brick! I think it adds a nice contrast to the light trim and walls. Of course, once you get the floors refinished, furniture in, etc, you may not need that contrast. What I might do, if it were me, is paint the mantle white, and leave the brick until I moved everything in. Of course, first I would have several panic attacks and call my dad. But then, then I would feel okay leaving things as is.

  10. says

    kim – everything is looking ah-mazing! love your wall color choice.

    and i give you mad credit for painting the trim last! i need to paint that first or i’d go mad.

    and your bathroom is going to loom beautiful. so excited for you!

  11. says

    Congrats on the feature, Kim! I’ll head over there to check it out. :) I am seriously loving your house, and I love the wall color. I think the fireplace would look great in white, but I’d wait to see if the idea grows on you. :)

  12. says

    I vote to leave the brick as-is. I hate seeing perfectly good brick get painted.
    Enjoy the fact that you have such a beautiful hearth and mantel.

    PS. I love the grey that you chose!! Can you come over and pick a new paint color for my bedroom?

  13. says

    I love that wall color! We don’t move fast on any projects in our house but I know what you mean about feeling good about progress then taking a closer look and realizing there is so much more to do. You guys are kicking butt though and you should be celebrating! My vote on the fireplace…wait until the room is finished then decide. I don’t think the brick looks bad but I wouldn’t pick white. Ours was white when we moved in (and dirty)–we painted it the same color as the wall and it looks so nice. Ours has a lot of molding around it which is white though. For yours–I think it would look really nice if you darkened Bedford Gray and painted the outside brick the darker color and the inset the same color as the wall and the mantle white (or the outside brick white?)–I think the brick would look like molding and frame the fireplace nicely.

  14. says

    i LOVE that paint color!! it’s gorgeous – and looks amazing with the white of the trim!! love it.

    i would say to leave the brick for now, if you’re having second thoughts – because you can always paint it later, but can’t un-paint it! you might be able to decide better once all of your furniture etc is in there.

  15. says

    Okay, I might be stalking you. You should know that I live in Utah and that every night before bed my husband and 3 yr. old son sing BEAR DOWN, CHICAGO BEARS! I love your gray paint and I think the fireplace looks nice in a dark color, you could bring dark woods into the room to bring it out. I don’t like the color of my fireplace, so I am thinking of painting it like the lady on or painting it a brick-look, but a different color like Good luck, it’s beautiful!

  16. says

    Fun, Fun, Fun, Kim! I am loving the paint color, too! I am going to need to use it on at least one room here!
    I am no help with the fireplace, in our old house the fireplace was brick and I wanted to paint it, but afraid too. I do love the look of a white fireplace, maybe you are more brave than I am :)

  17. says

    I totally dig the paint color too (and thank you for letting me know about the other gray last week!). I know painting brick white is allllll the rage… but I think you should hold off at least until the rest of the room is done. (Like someone else said, you can’t un-paint it.) I think it’s really warm and is an awesome focal point. Not all brick is pretty, but I kinda love yours. But do what makes you happy of course. :)

  18. yeoldesandwichshoppeva says

    You are a paint picker outer genius. Yes, that’s an official title.

    As for the fireplace, I really like the dark brick and the contrast it provides, but I think I’d need to see it against the finished floor to decide for sure.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. says

    Oh my LANTA.

    We are planning a bathroom renovation and your polyvore is pretty much exactly what I’m thinking for fixtures. Here’s the wavelength. We’re both on it.

    Congrats! Everything looks great!

  20. says

    that first picture makes the fireplace look black, and I have to say that I LIKE it! I’m sure white or black or natural brick it will look amazing. Love the color in the living room, fantastic! And congrats on the floor in the bathroom, and finally getting the bathtub into it’s rightful room! :)

  21. says

    I love the fireplace just as it is. I’m loving the paint color, but I’m wondering why you prefer to paint the walls first? I never use tape either, and it’s just so much easier to sand, prime and paint trim and then cut the walls in right up to it. How do you paint the trim without getting the white all over your walls? Spill it!

  22. says

    Thanks for all the thoughts, friends. I think I’ll agree with the majority of you and keep the fireplace with the original brick for now.

    Sara – it’s not really a trick, but I just prefer painting trim last. It’s probably because at both houses, the window trim had to be done way after rooms were painted, so it’s just what I’m used to. I prefer to do it all at the same time. I find it much simpler to ‘stay in the lines’ so to speak with trim than with walls. Funny that you find the opposite… maybe I’m just crazy. Even in the bedroom upstairs when I could do both concurrently, I painted the walls first and then went back around with the trim. Funny.

  23. says

    I say those are big steps….so much progress in just not a long time. A week is really not that much time, especially when you are working full time and you never cease to amaze me how much you guys accomplish. Wow.

    As for the fireplace, I say live with it awhile and see what you think once you get your furniture in there. Then I think the answer will be obvious.

  24. -Kasey says

    How exciting! Loving the paint color.. it’s so warm yet cool at the same time [if that makes sense].

    As for the fireplace, Honestly I think it looks good as is… All of the trim is white and it looks gorgeous but leaving the fireplace the way it is will really draw your eye all around the room through the beautiful white trim and than completely stop and be drawn into the fireplace… A focal point. -At least that’s what it was doing for me while looking at the photos! :)

  25. says

    Emily’s comment (imperfect Emily… you have a bunch of “Emily” readers… interesting!) totally cracks me up. I, too, GREATLY look forward to your renovation progress reports. You’re so inspiring.
    I LOVE this Bedford Gray color. Go ahead and paint your whole house (inside and out) this color. You have my blessing. :)
    Please keep the brick!!! Save the brick!! It’s gorgeous!

  26. says

    Ditto on the Bedford Gray. I’ve already jotted that one down, thanks. We just finished up a remodel recently and picked the same light fixture as you but used it in the living room. We also used white hex tile on the bathroom floor, I love it but wish we wouldn’t have chosen white grout as it diminished the visibility of the hex detail. Awesome progress guys!

  27. says

    I’d keep the original fireplace– sometimes I think rooms look a little cold when they have all white trim, white brick and a cooler colored wall paint. Just my opinion. Plus, you can always paint it later– and I’m guessing it is hard work to strip paint from a fireplace.

  28. says

    Love the floor in the bathroom! Love the wall color! The trim makes ME what to curl up in a fetal position right along with you. That prep work is the reason our office isn’t yet painted…

    If it were our house the fireplace would stay brick, but only because the Mr. hates painted brick. I would paint it.

  29. says

    A renovater’s work is never done. I agree, you totally high-five yourself for accomplishing something then you step back & realize you just spent 5 hrs painting one doorway. WTF.

    That Bedford Gray….I.die.for.reals. You found the holy grail of greiges, Kim. You can totally quote me on that if you want.

    Also making me die for reals: that beautiful medallion detail on your staircase post (what IS that part called?!)

    LOOOOOOVE everything about your bathroom idea board. You can hang out in my bathroom if I can out in yours………

  30. says

    I am so glad I found your blog!!! I love the Bedford Gray walls. That color is in the running for my whole house! Would you mind sharing Behr’s code??? I had it color matched too but I think it’s a little off…your guy may have done better. Thanks!!

  31. says

    I am so glad I found your blog!!! I love the Bedford Gray walls. That color is in the running for my whole house! Would you mind sharing Behr’s code??? I had it color matched too but I think it’s a little off…your guy may have done better. Thanks!!

  32. says

    I am so glad I found your blog!!! I love the Bedford Gray walls. That color is in the running for my whole house! Would you mind sharing Behr’s code??? I had it color matched too but I think it’s a little off…your guy may have done better. Thanks!!

  33. says

    Any idea what formula they used to mix your Bedford Gray in Behr? I tried to get a colour match as well but the colour is reading a bit greener than my Martha Stewart swatch.

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