Visions of windows dancing in my head…

Since we bought this house, I have had a dream…

Okay, I’ve actually had many dreams about what to do with the house. And, it’s really overwhelming to see it all come together. But, don’t worry, I still have a lot of things on the list of things I still wanna do… at some point.

But, this project is one that I have really been playing with in my head since day one – using an original window from the home to create a piece of artwork. The windows were circa 1920 or so, and while they weren’t ideal for our actual windows, the wood was pretty and the glass was heavy and nice.

So, without further ado…. here is our newest piece of art for our Living Room.

It took some major consideration to get that bad boy on the wall…… it’s not lightweight.

The words were courtesy of asimpleimpression, whom I highly recommend. They are fabulous!

So, what do you think???


  1. says

    looks awesome! you are very creative : 0 ) Where do you get your ideas? I bet my mom loved, it?! I would think you were her daughter — me and Amber didn’t develop this sense of interior design : ) Glad you had a fun open house party! Wish I could’ve been there, but I’m just waiting for baby to arrive : )

  2. Misty-Ann says

    Thank you so much for the link!!!! I’m gonna have to hit up a few swap meets to try to find one!!!

    • says

      I actually made that one custom by telling her the size and style I wanted. So, you really could find anyone who works with large vinyl and ask for a custom order. =)

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